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Have not been back since the Black Friday Sale. They usually carry a previous season or two at 50% off. So around $100 per shirt. I usually wait until they go on clearance for an additional 60% - 75%.I can post pics of sizes and designs the next time I'm out. Just a warning, size L will probably be taken ;-)
Bought a pair of the 505's Made In USA. Impulse buy, the 505 don't fit my body type. If anyone is interested in them just message me. With that being said...wish Levi's would make the same denim in a 514.
Made In Maine boots look much nicer with the Vibram Christy sole. Detroit shop owner of Burn Rubber has already switched out the soles on his pair. On sizing, I usually wear US11 in most sneakers but take a US10-10.5 in Cons depending on shoe model.
Purchased my first two GVB's on Black Friday. Local shop carries last seasons shirts for a crazy discounted price. $66 for two shirts. I'm hooked!
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