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Pair of grey herringbone cotton pants arrived today. They turned out great! My first but definitely not my last purchase from Luxire.
Any advice on how to restore or slow the wear shown here. I had thought about black polish but I gather that's a no, no. I imagine would end up on clothing.
Black velvet jacket with peak lapels, best with one vent, two vents or none?
Thinking about ordering this "ink" coloured Birdseye suit from Indochino....
Anybody replaced the plastic buckles on a burberry trench with the leather ones? Is this a do it yourself project or will a tailor be necessary to take the belt etc apart / put it back together?
Georgeous shot of Chicago skyline! Love that city. I managed a couple of shots with a point-and-shoot when I was there a while ago. Can't wait to go back.
+1 to the zenith elite and the sinn suggestions. I've drooled over both of these at some point. One day I'd like to add at least one of them to my collection.
Hi Mike, Will contact you, it's not a huge deal though. It was a bit of a nuisance, mostly because I was really looking forward to my new shirts. In the end the manager at Brooks Brothers happily refunded the money and everything was sorted out satisfactorily. Thanks for the reply.
I suppose it is "typical" to be annoyed to have wasted my time playing phone tag for a week and have nothing to show for it.Might try an online shop.
Desperately in need of some new shirts I popped into a local clothing store to check out what they had to offer (were having a sale at the time).  Not fitting anything off the rack (because of my preposterously long arms and body) the sales associate offered to have some made with a longer arms and would add some length to the body.  I was pretty happy with the way the "slim fit" shirt  fit me in my size fit - with a few alterations.  I picked out 3 different fabrics and...
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