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I took off my shirt - put and measured it =) Dimensions converge  with Pit: 22.5" Shoulder: 18" Length: 28.5" but length of my shirt  longer =) =) Apparently still XL =) Just some T-shirts from America to XL  very big to me =)
I want Bedford jacket =) And yes, I want layer clothes under jacket =) And slim fit not for me =)
Thank you for reply! I want bedford jacket like this  Shirt does not know yet what is what. Jacket sunk into the soul =) Maybe I'll be under a jacket and something other than a shirt to wear. And slim fit not for me. I have slight paunch =) Is bad form if the jacket just tuck the sleeves?
My height 5.7 f (174cm) and weight 185 p (84 kg) And I have broad shoulders. I found a jacket and measurements Pit: 22.5" Shoulder: 18" Length: 28.5" Seller wrote that XL size. And I think that it will suit me. But calling the store in Moscow was told that you need to take L. Just afraid to miss with the size = (
Hello gentlemen! I'm sorry, do not tell me the size Engineered Garments. Do not judge strictly, I live in Russia, and is used to guide the European dimensions. I wear XL. But Engineered Garments placed in NY. I want to buy a jacket and shirt. They will not I great? Recent experiments with American T-shirts that showed me the size XL is very large. But this is just about T-shirts. A size grid can not find. Help please! What size will approach? Clothe themselves in the...
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