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Thank you very much for your replies!
These Chukkas seem to be sleek enough for flannel trousers and an oxford button down, but I am wondering if the commando sole eliminates them from being worn with them.  What is your opinion?     http://christiankimber.com/collections/christian-kimber-x-eidos-napoli/products/eidos-canvas-chukka-boot
Thank you very much.  You have been very helpful!
Thank you! Your reply was extremely helpful.  I mistakenly posted a picture of the Verona II when I meant to post a picture of the original Verona which I just received from the shoe bank.  The bit seems to be more glossy than the Verona II, and seems to be as reflective as the Gucci's I've posted above.  I imagine the bit on the original Verona make them more dressy than the Verona II?      I plan on returning one of the models above back.  The bit on the Verona seems...
Hi All,   Could you please give me your opinion as to the differences in aesthetics these loafers provide in terms of elegance, classiness, versatility, modernity, timelessness, sleekness, and other factors? Is one more traditional or conservative? Will one go better with more casual attire like odd trousers or dark jeans?  What effect does the higher heel, thicker sole, and boxier toe have on the shoe? Do you feel the Verona's toe box could be more rounded and less...
I called the shoe bank and ordered the Verona for $149.00.  They told me the originals are eligible for re-crafting even though it's not listed as so.
I'm considering buying the Verona closeout style in black, but I am concerned that the most recent reviews on the AE website are mostly negative which gives the impression that quality degraded close to the end of the shoe's life.  They are also no longer eligible for re-crafting services.  Do you feel that the Verona II are a better value?   Verona I   http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF49600_1_40000000001_-1_   Verona...
I used the leather dressing from the link below.  It did not darken my boots.  Call this number (800) 728-0970 and ask for Kevin (owner) if you want more advice.  He is very helpful! I put it on before wearing my boots (although he felt it wasn't necessary).  I brush them with a horse hair brush after every use and haven't needed to treat them again yet. http://www.montanapitchblend.com/
Thanks!  I'm thinking than Gucci Classic style or AE Verona since I've heard that they are identical? What is your opinion of the AE Verona compared to Gucci's bit loafer?
I own the following in black or close to the shade along with the rest of my wardrobe:   Black wool pants 1 Black polyester/rayon blend pants 2  Jeans 1   Black button down shirts 2   Black polo sweater 1 Black half zip sweater 1 Black mock neck sweater 1   Black leather blazers 2 Black pin-striped blazers 2   Charcoal gray wool suit 1   Black pea coat   Charcoal gray wool pants 1   After reading this forum, I have not bought anything in black as I am...
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