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  I bought a Mullholland Bros. Safari bag for my dad years ago during a big sale in NY. I now have it as he passed away. I found this one for sale on eBay used, http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/271897043545?ul_noapp=true&chn=ps&lpid=82 I also have a Coach leather shoulder bag which I really like.  I don't know if they make them anymore or not. As to Filson, I have a computer bag that is just durable as hell.  I never thought of it as boring, but I suppose you might be right....
I drive a 2006 A3 Audi.  I drive a lot.  My typical daily commute is 60 miles each way and that is after I drive 100 miles out to my work house from my permanent home.  I drive a combination of 4 lane freeway, two lane highway and two lane country road that is about a 8% grade with tons of curves.  The latter lasts about 5 miles.  The DSG is awesome on the way home where I drive downhill and use the paddles to control the speed into the corners.  The car easily takes the...
Hi Aaron. I'm interested if you need anyone. I live in Portland Oregon. Joe.
 Ditto.  I love them.  They have been comfortable from day 1.
 Nice.  I have a pair in black and I can't believe how much I like them. I was worried the russet would be too red, but that's not why I got the black, I needed black boots.  I've been using some shoe cream here and there.  I also have applied some Obenuaf's but with russet, that might darken them.  I got mine new from Opentip for $367 but my work picked up the tap, so they were free to me.  I work all day in mine then go home and go for a long walk (doctor's orders) in...
Without looking at your location, I knew you were from the DFW area.   That much Stanley Korshak swag doesn't make it cross country.  Add in the Neiman stuff, and I knew I was right.  Nice finds.  I should have gone to the thrifts when I lived there.  Good finds.
Well they look great. I haven't splurged for some Indys, but would like to find a way to justify it. I have a pair of AE Bayfields I wear while in Portland and a pair of 1000 mile Krause during the week working out east of The Dalles. My various pairs of Justin's are my favorites however.
Yes. Just to the east of LO. Better access to 205.
Nice. It does get nasty up here. That environment however is much nicer than my work environment.
 My only pair of CXL boots are a pair of AE Bayfields.  I polished them early on, but I didn't like the outcome and would recommend that you avoid polish.  Subsequently, when I want to put something on them, I usually use some AE Aqua Creme in brown which adds some water proof qualities and polishes up nicely.  However, CXL often times just requires some brushing and a shine with a very soft cloth (you can use a bit of water spray) and they shine right up.  I have a pair...
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