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 My only pair of CXL boots are a pair of AE Bayfields.  I polished them early on, but I didn't like the outcome and would recommend that you avoid polish.  Subsequently, when I want to put something on them, I usually use some AE Aqua Creme in brown which adds some water proof qualities and polishes up nicely.  However, CXL often times just requires some brushing and a shine with a very soft cloth (you can use a bit of water spray) and they shine right up.  I have a pair...
I have them added before I wear them outside. I just purchased a pair if Krause, which I love, and had a half sole added. That said, I think the most important factor is a good cobbler. Just like a good barber, a good cobbler is worth spending some time to find one.
Some nice looking Nike shoes. Glad my kids missed these the last time we had a nike employee store pass. Although we still spent $600. Currently have an active Adidas employee store pass so will have to see what's in stock. Love that Portland has nike, Adidas and Columbia.
I don't think you can go wrong either way. Both are very nice and will look great as both an office wear and on the weekends. I prefer the Orient however as I like the hack marks on the minutes and the winding crown. I also prefer the gold color. Regardless of which you buy, enjoy and wear in good health.
I highly recommend it. I'm not sure the wear differential, but rubber lasts a long time and is $35-$45 to replace. The leather sole is $125.
 That's the conclusion I came to.  I just purchased some Krause in black and put the half soles on them before I took them outside.  I will post some pics soon.  I love these boots. Plus work gives me up to a $375 allowance for boots/clothing and I was able to secure these for $366 through Opentip, so free to me.  Now I need to hit them with some AE aqua creme.
I have a 257 and afix the handles as shown in your first picture.  However, I use the shoulder strap every day and only use the handles to carry my bag when I don't want to throw the strap across my shoulder.  As a side note, my bag is so old, it came with the single leather piece on the strap to serve as a pad.  At some point, I was told, they went to a padded piece of leather on the strap, which is tons more durable and more comfortable.  It was $10 at the Portland...
  I have a 257 bag and I find the strap length to be inconvenient at times too.  Mainly when entering or exiting my car with it.  The incline of my driveway, the fact that I usually leave with a cup of coffee in my hands, and that I am not the most coordinated individual at 7 am contributes to this however.    I will admit to being new to this site and that I need to post some pictures of my well worn computer bag.  Given the durability it has given me however, I will...
I emailed them today and received an email back from Kristen that the sale has been extended to January 13.   
As a father who has spent many a night at a Ronald McDonald House, I say thank you to all of you who have donated!  I donate every time I am at McDonalds and we are big contributors to our local RMcD House.  For those who have never had a child who was sick or needed surgery (mine needed 4 before he was a year old), the RMcD Houses are a God send.  I am happy to share more about our story and the stories of those we have met, but suffice it to say, the RMcD Houses do not...
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