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As a displaced native of Colorado, and fair weather Avs fan, I hate that the team is in such a long run of mediocrity.  However it seems par for the course with the mediocre ownership of the Avs, Nuggets and Rockies.   Apparently they can't learn from the Bowlen family what good ownership does.  My daughter is fortunate enough to be in college and roommates with one of Pat's granddaughters.   She sent me a pic of her and Annabel in the owner's box.  
As an owner of a pair of Krause boots, the unlined aspect makes them a pair of boots that I never want to take off.  I have no idea why, but unlined boots are so comfortable.  I've been eyeing a pair of AE Cronmoks which are also unlined and nearly every owner reports about how comfortable they are.  I have a pair of Justin ropers that are more comfortable and that will be the boots I will be buried with, but my Krause are next to those in terms of comfort. 
There's more leather in your closet than in many pastures.
I don't spend the time here talking about watches that I would like to, but I agree with you that I like a discussion about watches.  I really love automatics and enjoy learning about older ones.  I recently bought two off of my local Craigslist.  A Claude Mylan for $75.  It isn't an older one, as it is probably 5 years old at most (only web sites that sold it were in Japan).  And an American company one, that I forget who it is, for $20.   I have an Explorer II and a...
Am I too late?
I know were that is.  I grew up straight north of there about 90 miles. 
Hey fellow cowboy boot fans.  I grew up in them.  Wore them just about every day to high school.  I wasn't a cowboy, but worked on farms and ranches in eastern Colorado, so they were not trendy wear items.  I still have a few pairs from that time, although they don't fit well.  Justin's mostly.  I do have a couple of Justin ropers of which I wear one pair every so often, the other, in brown, is new in the box.     Quick story, but they used to make them in sea turtle....
Was just offering advice. Sorry for trying to be nice. Have a nice life.
Probably my favorite thread on here.  I have worn glasses for over 40 years.  I wore mostly contacts, but always wanted glasses that looked stylish when my dry eyes couldn't support glasses.  However, about two years ago, I got the best news a 40 year glasses wearing person can get:  your cataracts need to be removed.  So, that colony of "whatever" that was accumulating in the middle of my vision on my one eye could be removed (it pays to go to a great eye doctor at a...
I wish I could hit you up, but they are really difficult to come by unless you are close with someone who works there. My need for Nike Employee store passes has now gone down tremendously since my daughter is going to play soccer at a Nike sponsored school and all her stuff is free.  No more buying soccer shoes.  Whoo hooo.  
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