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I ended up returning my olive Sapper, since the insulation was thicker than I was looking for. Instead I picked up a tailored Sapper in navy from BarbourByMail. The tailored Sapper is made with 4oz sylkoil. It's very light, and probably cool enough to wear through the summer. This is a small, and I'm a size 36-38. Apologies for the low-quality picture:     Here's a better one of the jacket without me in it, taken with a proper camera:        I also...
  Nice. What model is the Barbour?
  Interesting, thanks for the comments. The regular Sapper is great, but will definitely be too hot for the summer, and it doesn't quite have the drape that you mention getting from the Flywight Sapper. I wish I could track one of those flyweights down. Do you think they're the essentially the same as the new Tailored Sapper? 
Someone mentioned earlier in this thread that it was difficult to find pictures of actual people wearing the Sapper. Here's a couple of mine. For reference, I'm 5'8 and usually wear  a 38. The Sapper (olive) is a small, and fits comfortably. The insulation is slightly thicker than I expected.    
Can anyone ID this jacket?         From:
  I take your point that Meermin is a relatively small, new company, and that it may be unreasonable to expect the same level of service as larger online retailers. But I don't think it's unreasonable to expect them to meet their own estimated turnaround times, or to keep track of whether orders have been paid for. Am I letting personal annoyance cloud my judgement here?
I've found it frustrating to deal with Meermin. I ordered a pair from the Classics line a few months ago, and requested that they be shipped via National Post to perhaps avoid the import duty that FedEx has charged some people (I'm in Canada). Luisa said that this would be fine, and after I put through the PayPal payment Sandro emailed to let me know me that the shoes would be shipped the following week. A month later I still hadn't heard from them, so I emailed again to...
Hi folks,   I'm a male in my late 20s living in BC, Canada. I've been benefiting from the collective wisdom of the forums for a few months, and decided to register so that I can ask questions and maybe eventually contribute something of value.
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