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What do you guys think of this sportscoat? I think the sleeves are a touch short, and the armholes are a bit low, but otherwise I am looking for some general advice. Also I just threw this over my sunday bumming clothes so please disregard t-shirt and jeans.. may (will?) be worn with slacks and a buttoned down shirt.  Obviously this isn't a MTM coat, so I'm not expecting an absolutely perfect fit, but for a few bucks it didn't seem like a bad...
Well the soles definitely need to be redone so even with the full service 150$ fixing job AE can do, 155$ for AEs, it's still about half off. As far as I can tell (and I am new to both the thrifting game as well as the fancy dress shoe game) that is an easy pill to swallow. If it would cost about 200$ then sure, but even at 150 its not too bad. There are plenty of AE stores by me in NYC so my wife will go swing by and see what they say.Thanks for the input :-)
I just thrifted these AEs for 5$ but they have seen much better days. Does anyone think it's worth it to send them to AE and see what they can do? The worst cracking is near the front where the natural bend is. The worst overall is behind the right top seam which has about a 1cm tear but isn't extremely noticeable.
I just thrifted these AE Byron shoes that have definitely seen better days. 5$ later they were mine. Do these seem to be repairable?
Hey guys, just joined. Trying to step up my wardrobe a bit and trying to save a few bucks, so I swung by the local thrift store and picked up this jacket, which I am now thinking is an orphaned suit jacket. I was browsing the sports coats area and saw this, then saw the label and figured a 6$ Brooks Brothers jacket was a good deal. What do you guys think? Is this a strictly suit jacket or could this be paired with a nice pair of (unmatched) slacks? Thanks :-)
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