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they were pulled up and it looked like I didn't pull it up lol (and my tailor agreed it looked baggy) Below the knee is good, but the thigh area at the back of the leg had extra room as if they expect you to have a huge sagging ass. Chocsosa was dead on. I'm surprised he could tell from those crappy pictures.
ill try to post some better pictures. My  camera is my iphone so quality isn't too great. Atm, my pants are at the tailor   Edit: Napoli pants are shit, look so baggy as if I took a shit in my pants. The jacket is superb tho for my athletic build. No alterations needed whatsoever. Maybe one thing I wish i could change is maybe a slightly higher armhole? (But that style/fit is just my personal preference) If ur athletic, only get sienna/napoli, others are too tight.
Just got my new suit from SuitSupply. The only fit they had in charcoal was napoli, so I ended up buying a 38R/40R from SS to try on and return the one that didn't fit. I heard that the napoli fits bigger compared to other suits but the 40R fit me perfectly and 40R is what I fit into for all other suits. Decent quality and decent fit. One thing I didn't like about the suit is how baggy the pants are. Its a weird fitting pants.   Let me know what you think, I have yet to...
which fit/cut of SS goes well with an athletic build like the HB modern fit? Napoli or washington?   I'm looking to buy my first suit off SS but they don't have charcoal. Should I just go with dark grey?
I am looking for suggestions on the same thing as well. Recently i went to Hugo boss outlet to buy a suit for $700 but decided not to. The cut and style was perfect for my athletic build but the quality was that of a ~$300 suit. If anyone has suggestions and/or experience I would like to hear it as well.   Perhaps Moores would have a better quality suit for a better price?
Do you mind giving me some advice as I am not an expert on suits? I'm trying to buy a suit for 400-700, charcoal suit, my first suit. I've looked at hugo boss outlet and I love their cut and style and it goes really well with my athletic build but the quality is like a ~$300 suit. Do you know any other brand/stores where I can get a similar cut with better quality for a lower price? Perhaps Moores?   Thanks
What is the difference between a 1 button suit and a 2 button suit. Does it depend on the body type or is one more formal?
I'm trying but its hard to find deals because I'm new at this (if you have any advice/tips, I'd appreciate it :)). I just didn't expect some senior members to do this and lie about it. It looks like he took that jacket off his listings.
I didn't realize this until I did some searching but a lot of the members on SF resell items they bought on eBay for a much higher price. This senior member miamiredskin even lied to me saying he traded additional items + $90 for a jacket I was about to buy for $400, but when I contacted the original seller he bought it from, said it was sold for only $90. How shamless... 
get the sides tucked in abit
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