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   It is a matter of personal taste, but I think you have a good enough eye- and your eye is telling you to question the useability of such a shoe.  If that weird wing-tip stuff wasn't under the captoe it would be fine, but as it is...I'd look for a better option.   
Hi DeNomad,Welcome to the forum.  I hope this doesn't sound too harsh, but I'll give you my honest feedback. Do not wear wear this as a sport coat.  Honestly, I would not wear it at all, even as a suit.  Some general rules:- Suit jackets do not work as sport coats (in most cases).- Never button the bottom button of a jacket (or vest).  On a 3 button, the top button may be buttoned or left open. - Black (especially black with shiny stripes) odd jackets will have little to...
Funny! Not much fresh veg either, but pretty good eatin'!  That place had lots of game meat on the menu too.  We did a good job of avoiding the tourist trap places.  It takes a little bit of work- but is always worth it. 
I do not have a "shopping guide" but I have made a pretty nice list of names in Napoli.  The list is mostly tailors and shirt makers, but also tie makers, shoe makers and a few other things of interest.  Let me know before you go and I will send you the file.  I won't be here after mid-March so I won't be able to help you in person, but Ill do what I can from here. 
A few nights in Vienna:           Heading to the gym now. 
A few nights in Prague:   - Pigs ear - Pork roast - Goulash - Mixed pork
      Antonio Meccariello whole cuts. 
I've been busy getting ready to move back to the US, but here is a picture of my 3d fitting:     Coming along nicely- the buttonholes will be added and everything should be finalized next week.  I'll post some close-up shots and better fit shots as soon as I can. 
  Picked up mine yesterday.      @unbelragazzo
I was at Antonio's yesterday and saw your package ready to ship!  I didn't see the shoes though because it was already taped shut and ready to mail.  These are fantastic!  I think I might ask for a similar shoe for my next purchase- I love this leather. 
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