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  Scrambled eggs - breakfast of champions!
So just received the Thomas Lyte briefcase... really, really nice - well worth the money I think. The shoulder strap uses an interesting attachment method - it's basically a leather strap with two holes which a couple metal studs slot into, and you strap it onto the d-rings as if you would a belt. Quite a nice 'rustic' touch.   (full res:  
  At first I thought that thing was a loudspeaker!
  *too   From the cardholder's product-page:     They are a steal for the price in my opinion - you're right they're cheaper than their competitors, but Aspinal has a fairly good reputation from what I can gather. Then again, I don't know if they're particularly 'cheap' either - their briefcases start at 495 GBP (see also:...
Few things arrived in the mail in the last week:         (full res:   Looking forward to changing out the crappy stock strap on my Timex Easy Reader for one of these. Now if only the Germans would hurry up with their postage and get the Junghans Max Bill to me... the suspense is killin' me!   The Aspinal Cardholder also arrived - so much nicer in the pocket than a full wallet I must say:     (full res:...
  Out of interest, where did you get the testers? Can't seem to find anywhere that has Eau de Rochas pour Homme in Sydney unfortunately :(. Whereabouts do you source it from?
  I haven't, but I was checking their stock out the other day myself. Some interesting models indeed. They had a few Rolex watches as well, including a fairly nice GMT Master.
  Hello there! Where are you moving from, out of interest? 
Edit: Never mind! Kemal of Viccel has had a newborn son, congratulations to him - very understandable delay in responding to emails! Best wishes to the new addition in the family.
Turning back to matters sartorial, just ordered a bunch of Viccel socks. Mixed reports of quality in the main thread on 'em, but jeez, at 8 bucks a pair for OTC you can't really go wrong. I tend not to view socks as a 'lifetime' investment for good reasons...    Out of interest, how many people here utilise a card holder as opposed to a wallet? My Aspinal of London one is due to arrive tomorrow - I'm looking forward to having something uber-thin to stick a couple...
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