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Ah very interesting, thank you for the information. So as I understand it, the quality of leather used affects the way in which the shoes crease -  the better the leather the less defined, or etched, the creasing. The squeaking seems a bit worrying - is that caused by the way in which the sole has been constructed or leather rubbing on leather? 
  Sure - I guess what I was asking was whether there was something overt or tangible to understand in the difference of price; e.g. the materials with which either brand's shoe was constructed or the quality of the welting. I've been reading both the brand's websites but they don't tend to go into exhaustive detail about the specific leathers they are using. I guess I subscribe to the law of diminishing returns with this sort of stuff, so was curious as to whether there...
  I think Rockpool B&G has started some sort of new lunch menu for cheap (relatively), which is supposed to be decent. Having said that, I've never been there so I can't personally vouch for it. Wilbur's Place at Potts Point is pretty awesome for lunch - mmmm, pulled pork sandwiches. 
What're the opinions on Meermin versus Carmina in terms of shoe quality? Any appreciable difference (e.g. leathers used, quality of welting) or can't really go wrong with either? Tempted to try out a Meermin Double Monk style shoe and for 160 euros (inc. VAT, which would be taken out upon shipping to AU) it seems like a fantastic deal.
  Yep made in HK. Think I need to get the pants altered as there's a little bit too much slack in the thigh and calf area when standing. Aside from that the Jacket is liveable - maybe a little waist suppression necessary, but otherwise not bad at all OTR!
Managed to pick up a fully canvassed, and virtually new (pockets still stitched closed) D'Urban wool suit in mid-grey today when I stumbled across a St. Vincents. In the jacket it said 'expressly made for Stewart's Gentlemen's Outfitters' and was Super 100s wool (nothing special of course). Not bad for 45 bucks I think.
Anyone here tried out the SuitSupply 'Suit Up' line of suits? I'm tempted to try 'em out for my next major purchase in a few months, but wanted to get others' opinions on their recent output and quality.
Ah the Il Bisonte Magritte - looks beaut. 
  Interesting design compared to most other messenger-type bags; seems to be quite nicely laid out inside. Let us know when you get it and take a few pics of it in action!
  Nope, but I'm definitely going to look this method up now. Might have to try this out in the next few days... 
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