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  I don't really take issue with anything in your post aside from your statement about 75 cents being where the dollar 'should be'.   That exchange rate of AUD/USD = 0.75 might be good for Australian retailers because it'd force consumers back to them, but it has nothing to do with what actually sets the forex rates (supply and demand mainly).   Yes the AUD is considered slightly overvalued, but it's not by margins of 25%+ - more like 5c according to the RBA as of the...
  [insert name] retailer can feel free to charge extortionate prices for the exact same item I can get overseas shipped to my door for half the price, but they'll be going out of business shortly. It's a global marketplace these days - Australian retailers are finding that out the hard way.   -----   On another topic, anyone else use "Detail for Men" as their hair salon? I've been there a couple times, pretty nifty place.
  Having lived in the UK for a few years, I call bullshit on the GST excuse that has been made. The UK has 20% VAT (to our 10% GST), ridiculous duties and customs compared to Aus (pay duties on everything over 30 quid as a consumer) and we still pay far more in Aus. To be fair, UK corporate tax rate is currently 20% (down from 28% since that bounder David Cameron came in) to our 30%, but that's nothing that can't be offset...   What we have in Australia across large...
  Yeah sounds like a good time-frame. 
  Bummer, missed out on this meet - was working late Fri. night. Any plans (venue/times) for the next one? Bavarian @ O'Connell St is my suggestion for venue ;)
It's a Junghans max bill
  True that, but there's too much expertise in this thread to not get feedback now and again - helps me figure out things I wasn't thinking about before.   I find this thread to be far more hospitable to newer entrants to the menswear 'game' than many of the other threads of SF, which is great. 
  Thanks, will check out Boglioli - I've actually had a couple of their sportscoats wishlisted on MrPorter for some time now - just never got around to purchasing 'em. Might be time to do so over the next couple months.     Thanks mate, when I wear a shirt without the jumper the sleeves do peak out from under the cuff, but I think the sweater was causing a few issues in the pic. Will try a few shirts again and double check.     Agree with the odd dimpling not being ideal...
  Good feedback, thanks. It's a cotton cable crew-neck which is very thin - might come across a little thicker in the pic than it really is. I prefer the crews w. button down collars over v's personally, but this crewneck might be a bit 'too' tight - could probably size up.   You're spot on with the older look, that's the aesthetic I prefer although it can be a bit anachronistic at times. I have had my eyes on the younger-looking Boglioli blazers for a while now, and I...
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