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  You're a classy man Plestor!   How do you like the 007s? I've moved away from headphones as I have some nice floorstanders these days, but I've always enjoyed the Stax. Used to own some Audeze LCD-2s. Tempted to buy the LCD-3s at some point...
Anyone know where I can get a good quality nice navy/red/white striped tie (or variations of said colour scheme). I think the term I've heard for it is a 'repp' stripe?    The usual suspects seem to be vanda, hober, drakes - amirite? Tempted to just go with new Herringbone ties since they moved back to Italy for production and I get a decent price on 'em through work. Figured I would receive the collective wisdom first before pulling the trigger, however.
  Junghans :)
  Thanks for the info =].   Yeah the Bulgari range is quite varied - there are some very flashy/loud patterns and some very nice loud-ish colours with elegant patterns (these are the ones I quite like). Here's my one - I fondly refer to it as the lil' alien pattern:  
Heads up fellas - new Herringbone ties are made in Italy once more (no more Tunisia) with higher quality silk. This is confirmed from the Chatswood Chase store's manager (who also happens to be a really nice fellow). Newer stock includes more 8cm ties also.   I got gifted a Bulgari 7-fold recently. Beautiful tie - bit expensive at retail though (checked out the Bvg. boutique on Castlereagh at lunch a couple days ago), at 300 bucks roughly. I wonder if there's...
  Problem with mafoofan is that he is essentially autistic online. He's unable to act the way he does here in real life (obvious reasons) - that much he admits to.
  Yeah I'll try and make this one. Bavarian Bier Cafe might be a decent venue (the one on O'Connell street is a lot less crowded than York). It has the added bonus of being opposite Henry Bucks.
  I was just at the RL Chatswood Chase store - kop'd a quilted jacket in navy for a great price. Been looking for one for months so big ups to CHECKstar for the heads up! 
Trufitt & Hill's pre-shave oil turned up in the post this morning (along with a variety of other shave related items). Never having used a pre-shave oil before, I was quite curious to know whether it made any difference. I'd say it didn't let me have a much closer shave - but it was a far 'smoother' one. I was a bit more aggressive than I usually could be with the Merkur Vision, and yet didn't feel at risk of cutting the skin at all, compared to normal. I also felt the...
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