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I wear size 9.5 in vans, and it fits me perfectly snug but perfect fit.  I guess i should get size 9 in desert boots?  I just dont want the shoes look  huge, dont like clown feet and want the perfect fit.     If someone has either size 9 or 9.5 in desert boots if can measure the length for me would be greatly appreciated thanks
anyone wear size 9  or 9.5 desert boots?  Can you please measure the length of the bottom of the sole for me?  I want to compare it to my Vans so i know which size desert boots to order online.  Thanks in advance!
Hi   are you still selling the clarks desert boots taupe in 9.5?  What is VNDS?   please email me back and let me know at:   thanks!
Hi   do you still have the clarks desert boots in taupe 9.5 ?  What does VNDS mean?   Can you email me back please and let me know at:   thanks
Anyone with size 9 or 9.5 clarks desert boots, would ya be able to measure the bottom length of the sole for me please?  That way i can compare it with the length of my Vans which fit me perfect.  Many shops in my area dont have much sizes left for the clarks desert boots, so probably best for me to order online.  Thanks in advance!  
hi people nice forum
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