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I recently purchased a suit supply la spalla in size 42R, which may be too big. I have a Washington, soho and san diego - all of which fit perfectly in 42R, but I'm unsure on this jacket, does it appear I need to size down? The online measurements for the other jackets show their shoulders are marginally wider, but that the chests are smaller than the la spalla.     
        I'm a 42R and just over 6', so a long will probably look too long. I have a Washington, San Diego and soho which all fit perfect in a 42R; I've included my san diego for reference.   My tailor is limited in her willingness to comment on fit, and her english in general - so that's probably a no go.   The shoulders seem just a bit too wide, though the site shows they should be slightly narrower than the other fits, with the chest slightly larger....
I keep mine in their bags, but I only wear a suit a few times a month.  Speaking of the la spalla, what do you think of this fit - I'm aware of the poor quality, but I was in a hurry, and am trying to decide whether to take it to the tailor today, or do a different size.
Just got in a light grey la spalla, but it had no suit bag (save for the small nylon bag). Is this a new thing, do la spalla's not come with a bag, or is it just missing?
Which suit is that himaroto?
Any chance we can get a few fit and fabric pics?
Ageed, I just happened to check, and saw it was open.
Outlet is open, but nothing is available but a single pair of pants and a bag...
Notch, I've already got a couple washingtons, a soho, and a San Diego, but have been told I need a conservative notch lapel. However, I want to get the widest notch I can get.
Which suitsupply single-breasted suit (besides the san diego) has the widest lapel? I know the differences are subtle, but I prefer a wider lapel.
New Posts  All Forums: