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Did the vest have peak lapels or a shawl collar?
Did you ever get this suit? Do you have pictures, or information to share about it?
I am relatively new to the world of mtm shirting, but have used Luxire a number of times, J. Hilburn once, and Solosso twice. I order rarely as I'm still in school, and shirts are ordered only when necessary. My favorite shirt was initially from Solosso; while more expensive, their fabric was thicker and my shirt fit spot on immediately. A second purchase was in order, this time of three shirts for my summer internship, altering cuff and neck size slightly. The shirts came...
No fabric was removed when cuffing these pants. Currently the trousers have a 1 3/8" cuff, with a 1/4" on the inside--the pants are intended not to be cuffed. My measurements indicate that if you went without cuffs 3 3/8" would be available, because of the folds required to cuff the pants.
These are from when I first got the suit. I am out of town until tonight, so I cannot take fresh ones, but the only things that have changed are the alterations.       
I have a suitsupply la spalla for sale in 42R. I bought the suit and had it altered (waist taken in on jacket and pants; pants hemmed (cuffed), and sleeves lengthened), wore it twice and realized it did not fit correctly. All alterations can be reversed, and the below measurements (approximate) are post-alteration. The suit is in perfect condition.   Armpit-to-armpit: 21.5" Shoulder-to-shoulder: 18" Shoulder-to-end-of-sleeve: 25.5" Collar-to-hem: 28.5" Trouser...
The first jacket is beautiful, but the new higher price for the sport coats seems unreasonable. For $30 more I can get a two-piece Havana?
The suit is a 42R US.
I need some advice. I have a grey la spalla from this season that I purchased online, and had altered (waist taken in, sleeves lengthened, and trousers hemmed). I have now come to accept it does not fit and need to sell it. What would be an appropriate price to ask on eBay or the marketplace?
I recently purchased a suit supply la spalla in size 42R, which may be too big. I have a Washington, soho and san diego - all of which fit perfectly in 42R, but I'm unsure on this jacket, does it appear I need to size down? The online measurements for the other jackets show their shoulders are marginally wider, but that the chests are smaller than the la spalla.     
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