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I believe it's not a hole that goes entirely through the fabric, but a small slit that the button slips into the inside fabric of the pants
Selling my new, never opened Albert Thurston Braces for $130 firm. I had them make these up for my Easter outfit, but have decided to go in another direction. Save the wait and shipping from England! Details: Narrow width Silver toned adjustors One-size fits all Blue herringbone tweed Pink crocodile print tabs I will be posting these elsewhere, so please contact me ASAP to ensure they're still available!
I have one question: I've noticed that you stated a double breasted waistcoat with lapel is available. I inquired about this less than a month ago and was told it was not. How certain are you?--I'm wondering whether I was misinformed. 
Interesting tidbit: suit supply cannot make a mtm double breasted waistcoat with lapels
I am pleased to say that solosso has remedied the problem. Once I posted this, they responded quickly to address my problem. They allowed me to change shirt fabrics, which I did, and even sent me a box of chocolates. I now have both of my missing shirts.
Has anyone tried a Suitsupply hoodie? I'm curious as to sizing, as the size chart makes me thing I need to size up. I wear a 40L and am torn between a M and an L. Any thoughts on quality and sizing?
Did the vest have peak lapels or a shawl collar?
Did you ever get this suit? Do you have pictures, or information to share about it?
I am relatively new to the world of mtm shirting, but have used Luxire a number of times, J. Hilburn once, and Solosso twice. I order rarely as I'm still in school, and shirts are ordered only when necessary. My favorite shirt was initially from Solosso; while more expensive, their fabric was thicker and my shirt fit spot on immediately. A second purchase was in order, this time of three shirts for my summer internship, altering cuff and neck size slightly. The shirts came...
No fabric was removed when cuffing these pants. Currently the trousers have a 1 3/8" cuff, with a 1/4" on the inside--the pants are intended not to be cuffed. My measurements indicate that if you went without cuffs 3 3/8" would be available, because of the folds required to cuff the pants.
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