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Any chance we can get a few fit and fabric pics?
Ageed, I just happened to check, and saw it was open.
Outlet is open, but nothing is available but a single pair of pants and a bag...
Notch, I've already got a couple washingtons, a soho, and a San Diego, but have been told I need a conservative notch lapel. However, I want to get the widest notch I can get.
Which suitsupply single-breasted suit (besides the san diego) has the widest lapel? I know the differences are subtle, but I prefer a wider lapel.
One of my favorite suits posted; their three piece choices have't been the best lately, I'm hoping the new line remedies that.
Meekus, which model Washington is that? It appears to have an almost green-blue tint, are the pictures fairly color accurate?
Finally received my outlet grey check Washington on Wednesday (ordered the 15th), and am on the fence about keeping it. The lapels aren't quite as wide as I'd like, though that's not a deal breaker. The wool is itchy/scratchy (compared to soho s130s; expected), there is no felt behind the collar, and the inside button hole for the french fly is mysteriously missing. I'm assuming the return policy of 30 days is calculated as the return shipment date after the date received,...
No, the email acceptance indicated 3-5 days, and naivety would be an ill-founded assumption, rather than their policy. From their outlet site:
Well, I'm in the same boat, sadly. I ordered a suit from the outlet last Friday, expecting to get it this week in time to have it altered for Thanksgiving. Still haven't received it, contacted SS, and they said it wouldn't make it to the US for another 3 days!
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