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Does anyone know much about the "Meer" collection? What are the details? 
Does anyone have pictures of their trousers in (1) Dugdale fine worsted racing green or (2) VCB Summer Wool Mohair?
This was the biggest heartbreak of the outlet for me. I loved the suit when it was in the full line, but it was taken off of the site too quick. When I logged on to the outlet after work I saw this and my heart skipped, but, sadly, it was already gone in 40 and 42! I'm glad to see pics of it irl.
I have a suitsupply la spalla for sale in 42R. I bought the suit and had it altered (waist taken in on jacket and pants; pants hemmed (cuffed), and sleeves lengthened), wore it twice and realized it did not fit correctly. All alterations can be reversed, and the below measurements (approximate) are post-alteration. The suit is in perfect condition.   Armpit-to-armpit: 21.5" Shoulder-to-shoulder: 18" Shoulder-to-end-of-sleeve: 25.5" Collar-to-hem: 28.5" Trouser...
If anyone is ever interested in selling their navy hemp herringbone merano overcoat from a few years back, I would be interested. I wear a 40 in most suits. 
I am looking to purchase a pair of wool, four season trousers. I already have light grey worsted, plain navy, navy check, black, charcoal flannel, and brown herringbone pairs--what staple color should come next. Is cream acceptable year round; is there a best shade of tan/khaki for year round pair of trousers? Any specific Luxire fabric recommendations?
Anyone have the brown plain wool hudson (http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jackets/hudson-light-brown-plain/C712I.html?cgid=Jackets)? Thoughts? Pictures?
Half canvassed  http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/washington-blue-plain/P2778WI.html?start=6&cgid=Suits
I am in the market for any SuitSupply garmets (suit, overcoat, sports coat, tuxedo); I wear a 40L in nearly every cut but the Washington, in which I take a 42R. I would love to hear all offers, and for anyone who has gone up a size, I have a light grey la spalla in 42 R that could be used to barter. Thank you
I believe it's not a hole that goes entirely through the fabric, but a small slit that the button slips into the inside fabric of the pants
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