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If anyone is ever interested in selling their navy hemp herringbone merano overcoat from a few years back, I would be interested. I wear a 40 in most suits. 
I am looking to purchase a pair of wool, four season trousers. I already have light grey worsted, plain navy, navy check, black, charcoal flannel, and brown herringbone pairs--what staple color should come next. Is cream acceptable year round; is there a best shade of tan/khaki for year round pair of trousers? Any specific Luxire fabric recommendations?
Anyone have the brown plain wool hudson (http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jackets/hudson-light-brown-plain/C712I.html?cgid=Jackets)? Thoughts? Pictures?
Half canvassed  http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/washington-blue-plain/P2778WI.html?start=6&cgid=Suits
I am in the market for any SuitSupply garmets (suit, overcoat, sports coat, tuxedo); I wear a 40L in nearly every cut but the Washington, in which I take a 42R. I would love to hear all offers, and for anyone who has gone up a size, I have a light grey la spalla in 42 R that could be used to barter. Thank you
I believe it's not a hole that goes entirely through the fabric, but a small slit that the button slips into the inside fabric of the pants
Selling my new, never opened Albert Thurston Braces for $130 firm. I had them make these up for my Easter outfit, but have decided to go in another direction. Save the wait and shipping from England! Details: Narrow width Silver toned adjustors One-size fits all Blue herringbone tweed Pink crocodile print tabs I will be posting these elsewhere, so please contact me ASAP to ensure they're still available!
I have one question: I've noticed that you stated a double breasted waistcoat with lapel is available. I inquired about this less than a month ago and was told it was not. How certain are you?--I'm wondering whether I was misinformed. 
Interesting tidbit: suit supply cannot make a mtm double breasted waistcoat with lapels
I am pleased to say that solosso has remedied the problem. Once I posted this, they responded quickly to address my problem. They allowed me to change shirt fabrics, which I did, and even sent me a box of chocolates. I now have both of my missing shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: