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I rock BR dress shirts, and I don't see what the issue is. I think the difference between a helpful post and a non-helpful post is the whether or not a claim of unfavourability is backed up with reasoning. Poor fabric? Poor cut? What is the concern?
Can you post a picture, and where did you get the nails from?
I'm still a novice, so just posting what I've learned. I would hope that you could use the same dirty brush to do the initial clean of all shoes - but there is still an innate risk that black pigment could transfer to a light brown shoe, so be aware. I would use the same brush for the rest of the process (same brush post conditioner as post cream), and have two separate brushes for black and brown. Perhaps others can comment on the overall need for two cleaning brushes...
In response to the above, I would also suggest a round of brushing after the conditioning and creaming stage to remove any excess. This should be a different brush than the first that was used to remove dust and dirt.
It's the style in bermuda :P
I haven't been able to find a local cobbler that I feel confident to have do the work. In the meantime, I am focusing on cycling shoes, and wearing boots during bad weather days and changing at work. Hoping minimizing the duration of soft/wet leather sole usage will improve my high rate of toe wear.
I think it all comes down to what BC is for you. Most days, for me, the only difference is formal minus suit jacket, minus tie. I wear dress shirts and wool dress pants, and dress shoes (PA included). Maybe I'm an outlier, but I see that as fine. If I'm wearing cotton pants, I would tend towards something less formal than the PA.
common sales tactic - they want to move merchandise.   never buy something that isn't reasonably close to fitting you before a tailoring... never buy something that isn't your size because your size isn't available - if you're buying something that isn't you regular size because it happens to fit better - different story
I created a thread on that very topic. Perhaps more input can be brought into this thread as well, based on the range of people that subscribe to it.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/329378/brass-nails-used-to-impede-shoe-wear
I respectfully disagree. He doesn't need to get park avenues, but shoes that are flexible enough to go with a full suit or simply a dress shirt/dress pants are a far more effective investment. What happens when he gets invited to a conference, a lunch, a presentation, and he's only got casual shoes to wear?
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