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Brand new, been tried on and walked around in. Olive color. Two sets of laces one blue and one cream. Box and bags with it. Shoe trees not included. $225 shipped or best offer.
Studio D'Artisan Mid Length Cowhide wallet in Wine Color. Slightly used, had it about two weeks. Not sure that its for me. Looking for indications of interest, see if there is any market for it, or if I should keep. Retails $350 new at Please PM me with interest or questions. Pictures are from, will post actual pictures when I can. Slight wear inside from cards, faint indigo on white outer stitching.   6 Credit card slots Slot for...
Wierd guy dirty fade in size 30 (fits like 32). Brand new, tried on around house to see if I liked. Not for me. Here is the link to where I got them with all the size specs. $100 shipped or best offer.
Brand new pair of Trickers Stow in Acorn with a natural welt. I received from trickers and they just don't fit me. Trying to avoid overseas shipping cost of return. Willing to sell for $450, and will ship. If I don't receive offers quickly I will need to return as window is closing one me. The photos are of the exact shoe and taken as part of the original Trickers listing. Size 10UK 11US
Hello. So the return shipping on these Trickers is a killer. So is anyone interested in a acorn pair of stows with a natural welt in size 10uk, 11us? Brand new just didn't fit me. Please PM me with any interest while I figure out how to set up a sale page on here for the first time. Thanks.
Thanks for the info everyone. I received them and unfortunately the 10s are a small bit too short and pretty wide so I would swim in a size up. looks like I need to return. Sad times.
Hello Everyone,  Just thought I would ask a quick question. I am getting ready for my first Trickers purchase. I am thinking the Stow or Bourton in Acorn. I was just wondering if anyone had advice for one over the other? I know this is heavily a preference thing, but since I have no way to see these in the real world the more information I can get in advance always helps. And any comments on that particular color? Thank you all.
Hello everyone!  I just received my first pair of naked and famous weird guys. I was curious if they were too tight? The seem fine but I have large legs/calves and don't want them to look sprayed on. Am I unjustly worried or are they too tight. Sorry about the pic quality but I think you can still see the fit.  Thanks for any input.      
Thank you Papa Doble,   Anyone recommend between the Alden No 8 wax polish or the Saphir Cordovan Cream Polish in "cordovan" color? I plan on picking up the Saphir Reno and using that mostly. But was curious as to what polish or to have on hand. I am personally unfamiliar with cream polishes as I have always used wax on my calfskin shoes.  Thanks again.
Thanks I think.... after years of longing after and months of reading this forum I am now the owner of a pair of alden chromexcel indy's and the j crew cap toe cordovan no 8. Thank you all for the information I have gathered here and the opinion on these fantastic shoes... Now if they could just stop being so fantastic so my bank account can take a breather.  Next the arduous task of sifting thru the posts to find proper care instructions on caring for the cordovan...
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