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+1 to Glenkaren. Great product, if you can manage to stop yourself from eating it.
I don't know what is so surprising about the OP's statement. My firm, as well as all of the firms I interviewed with, wasn't and isn't interested in the brand of suit that a student wears to an OCI or in-firm. Rather, we are interested to see whether a student is willing to put in the minimal effort to do basic research as to how a suit should fit so that he might present himself in a professional manner. 
Anyone else getting a redirect loop error from the suitsupply website?
Have any of the taller SF members had positive experiences with Club Monaco clothes? I'm 6'6" and usually wear a 36/35 (I'm probably actually a 35 inseam, so I end up un-hemming/re-hemming 36/34s or 36/36s).
I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on this or this as a knockabout jacket for the fall, has anyone seen them in-store? If so can you speak to the accuracy of the photos? The current inhabitants of my fledgling closet are a decent navy wool sportcoat and a well fitting brown herringbone sportcoat; I'm looking for something a bit more casual than the navy sportcoat I currently own.
Hey Firefox,    How much were the duties (as a percentage of purchase price) when you ordered from BB online? The stores in TO don't carry my size, I hoped they'd be able to order to the store so I could avoid duties, no such luck. Ordered two 16.5-37 shirts this morning. I'll post my impressions if anyone in the over 6'5" crowd is interested.
New Posts  All Forums: