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Does this work :(
SS outlet in EU also closed
I really want to know the current process of this plan :)
 The last shoes:135 Oxford Black 139 2 Do you have the image of these shoes?          
Hi khimCould you plz measure the length of the sleeve?I am also considering between 34 and 36 size 
 Thank you for your thread.Can I ask where to find this deal or any other similar choices :)
I think somebody should open a thread for German shoes brands and we bring back this thread for Loake. I just make some searches and find some affordable German shoes. The problem is that I do not understand almost what they are saying in styleforum version Germany ( :(
 Hey guy, is that promotion 2 for $250 happenning during the year or only some occasions?
Ahh my fault... However, it's a German brand but it's made in Italia ?!? And I wonder Gummiabsatzfleck means Goodyear or not?
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