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storage in terms of do you put them on a hanger or anything different to avoid creasing, any special leather care you guys apply?
how do you guys take care of your leather jackets? Storage etc.   wanna try and avoid getting a lot of creases apart from the ones youll obviously get from wearing it regularly
question regarding the hawaiian shirt fit. if im usually a medium in  most clothing (39 in shirts, 50 in slp leathers), could i pull of a 41? i heard the fit is quite boxy but im not sure how the overall fit is affected. thanks
mind posting a pic of them? just got my ss15 nut ones and i kinda wanna see what they might look like in a year or two :)
Id opt for the leopard if i had to choose between the two
if you mainly like the fit of the leopard jacket, have you thought about getting this one? https://www.mrporter.com/en-de/mens/saint_laurent/slim-fit-suede-jacket/458478 i have it and im loving it so far.
Thanks for the headsup, had a second pair that where suede and messed up on the title. Fixed!
Bought the fw14 suede jacket hedi wore on the runway, any specific suede protection i should use on it? Thanks in advance
Retail price was 850€ on LVR   BNWT   Open to offers. Add shipping
8/10 Condition   Very sleek and simple silhouette, similar to SLP. Handmade in England   110€ + Shipping OBO
New Posts  All Forums: