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Yes, the pocket flaps are there but tucked in for the photos. Haven't quite worked out which way I prefer yet.
Thank you Poloboy - I think I follow you. Will make those adjustments for next time. (probably on an extra pair of pants for this suit).   Any takers on the other queries - adjusting quarters, and building up shoulder to compensate for droop?
Thanks again all. If this suit can put me somewhere between the 50th and 95th percentiles of Average Joes, then not bad at all (it was very reasonably priced at a local tailor in Kowloon HK.) Will see what we can do about the tricep area with a slight sleeve rotation.   Any thoughts on: Opening up the quarters slightly (not strictly speaking a fit issue I know, but I would like it to look a little less boxy if possible). Given the tailor's perhaps middling...
Hello all,   Appreciate the energetic discussion here. I am learning a whole bunch. Yes there was a basted fitting but it did seem a little perfunctory.   Conclusions so far: - Shorten trousers - Burn shoes - Fix RH jacket cuff button spacing (perhaps difficult to see on photo, but one button is slightly off creating wrinkling)   Two follow up areas, if I may. 1 - How simple is it to have the tailor adjust the quarters to give the jacket a slightly...
Many thanks for the comments so far. Glad to hear that the suit is outdoing the shoes so far (not a high bar, I know...) I had also been wondering whether the wrinkling is a shoulder width issue or something that would be better fixed by rotating the sleeves a few degrees clockwise.  What you see in the photo is actually my natural posture, so would welcome further thoughts on how to rectify.
Bump - photos now visible (I hope).
Have lightened the photos a bit for clarity. It is actually a darker grey (not that it's relevant to the fit, as I understand). Will primarily be for business settings.
Here are the pics.        
Hello all,   Hoping for a critique of this suit (done in HK, with in-person measurements and two fittings). Some issues already apparent to me but would be grateful for objective feedback from the experts.   Many thanks!     (photos removed from first post to avoid the dreaded "Sorry, but the thread you linked does not exist." error)
New Posts  All Forums: