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They are 8E Lexington. Measured in store they tried to sell me a 8.5D and I pushed back as my heel was sliding all over the place. Sales guy watched me walk around and told me these were right. So I guess I am actually a 7EEE or something? Too scared to wear the Park Avenues I bought at the same time (also 8E. Same last I believe)
After one day of wear. This is not the look I was after. Really?
Hi folks, Finally got my first pair of AEs and am already delighted. However I noticed fairly prominent creasing has developed almost immediately (the photos are after walking perhaps 50m in them - they were new in box). Is this just what happens normally? Was hoping that the cap at least would retain form.
Many thanks! Despos - to your point about adjusting the front and back of the trousers at the in- and outseam, is that feasible with a pinstripe fabric or would I need to stick with fabrics with less vertical emphasis? I'm trying to imagine how the alignment would end up between the front and the back. And is this doable as an alteration at this stage, or does it need to be recut? Shane
Folks - I had a bunch of stuff redone on this suit and would appreciate followup-guidance.   Has not been pressed in a little while so less crisp than the original photos but to my eye the jacket is much improved (scissoring pretty much gone). The pants feel like a much better fit this time around (less tightness through the crotch) but look rather...bulbous? in photos. Too much width at the hips?   Also struggling with the front crease - though shortened vs the last...
All -    Having intended to post a request under this thread, I messed up and created a separate topic by accident. Given that some kindly folks have already shared thoughts in response, I'll link to it here rather than double post. Would very much appreciate any additional feedback/guidance.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/468466/suit-fit-check                                    
Thank you all. Yes I have a rather strange posture - did not realise it until posting to this site, but I lean forward slightly.   Emidyl - actually my right shoulder drops (I am a left hander - apparently that is common?) and they have padded the right side to compensate. Checked in the mirror and it seems fairly balanced front-on to me - did you get a different sense from the photos?   The back bothers me a little particularly the bunching around and under the...
Hi folks,   As a past beneficiary of some excellent advice from this forum I would appreciate a brief appraisal of this suit. Was a very inexpensive end-of-season MTM deal on Zegna fabric ($400 all-in) and I'm not looking for perfection. But if there are uncomplicated adjustments that will improve it (or the next suit I get at this place) I would very much appreciate the advice.   Overexposed so as to show detail - it is actually a fairly dark navy and the pinstripe...
Yes, the pocket flaps are there but tucked in for the photos. Haven't quite worked out which way I prefer yet.
Thank you Poloboy - I think I follow you. Will make those adjustments for next time. (probably on an extra pair of pants for this suit).   Any takers on the other queries - adjusting quarters, and building up shoulder to compensate for droop?
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