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Damian, those look amazing, I'm jealous!
Well said, and so did I (an sbgw035). Btw one of the worlds best experts on Rolex,James 'MrRolex' Dowling, is also a GS (and Seiko) diehard.So put that in your pipe and smoke it, anti GS trolls!
I'd hardly describe houndstooth as 'loud' it's a classictimeless pattern IMHO.I'm thinking of having a nice soft neopolitan 3 roll 2 made up in Harrisons worsted flannel in grey houndstooth, full canvas of course.
Exactly the look Januszkiewicz specialises in, 1940's styleSeems to be very in vogue right now
Very kind. I will pass on compliments to mr Januszkiewicz, he enjoys them greatly!
Latest by Januszkiewicz, Warsaw. Royal blue suede, 5 tier whole cut derby, cream contrast welt.
New royal blue suede wholecut derby
Thanks!My latest pair is a wholecut derby in royal blue suede, i,ve also ordered two more pairs, a balmoral boot and another wholecut derby in calf with plain captoe, both with rubber sole inlays for winter use.
There are lots of pics here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/211250/januszkiewicz-bespoke-shoemaker-warsaw/30#post_6673720
Thanks, they are extremely elegant, partly due to my narrow feet.What pics can't convey is how comfortable they are, from day one at that. Mr Januszkiewicz is a real talent, I'd advise anyone with the opportunity to go to Warsaw and order some shoes.There are pics of the sole in my gallery, of course now it's been worn!
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