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Looking at picking up my first pair of Gustin jeans. Looking at the okayama. I'm a true size 32 waist. It looks like the 31 slim may be what I'm looking for in terms of measurements to another pair of jeans but I am wondering about shrinkage. I forgot what measurements my other jeans started at but after washing and shrinkage they are just a tad smaller than the 31 slim measurements. Would it be better to go with a slim 32 or stick with a 31. 
Do you guys use the SuSu hangers or get your own?
Received my La Spalla suit and it fits nicely pretty much everywhere. Had to let out the seat on the pants a little. The main issue was the short sleeves. I'm adding about 0.5" to the sleeve. Has anyone added a 5th button to the sleeves? There was already some distance between the last button to the cuff and now I'm adding more. I'm okay with the look but think a 5th button may make the lengthening less obvious.
Anyone with a Sienna that normally wears a 38 find that they sized down to 36? It's my first SuSu I purchased but the shoulders seem just a tad bit big and the body is definitely pretty boxy on me. I'm thinking of ordering the La Spalla since I heard its cut a little slimmer but fits similar. I was thinking of maybe going from a 38S in the Sienna and try a 36R in La Spalla. I only ordered one suit at first just to gauge sizing. Would sizing down be a wise choice or should...
Weddings/semi formal events
I was looking at the La Spalla suits and saw the blue Birdseye. It says spring/summer so I'm assuming it's a lighter wool which is fine since I am in SoCal but I am wondering if it is too light in color to be used as a versatile suit. This is going to be the only suit I own as I won't be wearing it often and wanted to go navy. Would this be an acceptable choice or should I find something darker?
Haha. I was the one who originally asked for the La Spalla vs Sienna. Thanks everyone for your input.
I noticed the La Spalla is full canvas. Is it worth the extra $$$? I can afford it but just wondering if it's actually worth it if I won't be wearing it too often.
  Thanks for the feedback. I was interested in the birdeye just because the slight texture does set it apart from the plain navy. I noticed it says blue birdseye but in the description it says "this elegant navy suit" so I assumed it was navy especially from the picture.  http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/sienna-blue-birds-eye/P2445I.html?cgid=Suits&prefn1=color&prefv1=Blue&prefn2=styleFit&prefv2=Classic-Sienna|Classic-La%20Spalla
Looking to purchase my first SuSu suit (my other suit fits pretty horrible). I've been looking at the sienna as my top choice but will definitely take advantage of the free returns. I wanted a navy suit but not sure which one to pick between the navy plain s130/s140 or the birdseye. If this were to be my one and only suit(I don't wear them often) which material should I choose?
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