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Great turnout at the store. Picked up 4 shirts. The 50% off was really awesome.
Hmm did I miss this announcement somewhere about the SM store closing???
Really interested in trying one of the tees but the length seems sort of long for my short self. Do these shrink in length at all?
Mike, I think you already mentioned this already but forgot and couldn't find it. When will the short sleeve henleys be coming out?
I sent mine to railcar. They are semi local to me but I didn't want to drive an hour to get it done. First time getting it done by them but they did a great job and very fast. Received an email saying they received my jeans and would start working on it shortly. I had them delivered to my door the following day. I guess it helps I live close but their service was definitely quick. They also give you back the denim they cut off for future repairs.
I got my Wilshires chain stitched. IMO its worth it
Most definitely picking up a henley when they come out!
Awesome. Just saw the restock and ordered a pair! If anyone else was waiting for the Indigo restock, it's up!
Mike, would the size restock online be early next week also? (Wilshire)
 I'll be definitely checking the site often tonight/tomorrow morning for the restock (not that I haven't been already). Really excited for the henley as well. Favorite casual shirt for those warmer days, which is almost all year in socal 
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