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66 weeks and about to hit my 2nd birthday without my ToJ :(. Albeit my birthday was only 4 months after I ordered so I couldn't expect too much. If it comes before the end of the year I will be happy though. 
Same here. Good time too. Thinking of picking up a charcoal thermal and navy gunpatch. 
Same here.... Hit the one year mark awhile ago, now it's 65 weeks haha. 
Damn Mid-Aug order. Was hoping to have it before December but it looks like it may be closer to the end of Dec/early Jan. Was hopeful thinking they would make the July/Aug A2 orders in a batch, oh wells.
Hi, these aren't the best pictures but I was wondering if this jacket fits my shoulders ok or if anything else should be done for a better fit. Not sure if the sleeves look like that because they got caught on the shirt or if it's with the fit.    
Same here noticed the sleeves to be shorter but I roll them up as well. I believe the length is a little shorter as well. The chest fit fine though slightly relaxed and I have a broad chest. Shoulders were a little snug but all in all it still fits nicely.
Damn no love for A2s in awhile 
Only wore this tie a few times. Going to probably use the sale to fund a midnight navy from Sam Hober. It's the standard 57" slim 3". It actually measures a little closer to 2.75"-2.8". Didn't really notice until I actually measured it. There's a very slight snag about 27" up from the bottom of the tie. It'll might be hidden in the knot depending on how you tie it but it's really not that noticeable. I couldn't get it to show in pics and didn't notice it when it was tied....
Anyone here own the mulberry? Been looking for a nice bomber but haven't seen many pics of it.
I only wore this shirt a few times and realized I am actually a size small so this has been sitting around for awhile. I believe it's the same one as here http://epauletnewyork.com/products/cutaway-collar-navy-microstripe. From what I can see, there is nothing wrong besides a little small discoloration spot above the chest pocket. It's not really discolored but it's just a little darker as if it's wet? Tried to capture it as best as I could in the picture. It really isn't...
New Posts  All Forums: