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Not yet. It'll most likely come out today. Or at least I'm hoping for it :).
+1. Think it's prob going to go out tomorrow instead.
Polos! I'm assuming if you're normally a small BD a slim fit small should work well?
My wallet is awaiting the polos
+1 on any new colors. Also I'm assuming these fit the same as the previous loopwheel tees? I had to size up to a Medium for those so just making sure I get the right size this time. 
What kind of colors/patterns will be offered for the slim fit polo?
Got my wavy shirt today. Didn't even know it shipped out to me. Love this shirt. I know it'll definitely be one of my favorites.
Good timing for polos. It's getting warm here and I need some.
Did you try a 31 in Driggs? I am a 31 in walts, 32 in rivets. Tried going 32 in driggs but had to take in the waist and seat just a little. I think I would've been fine with a 31.
Thinking of trying out the MTM suit and was looking at swatches to get with my trial suit. Looking for a navy option that could also be used a blazer when I am not wearing the suit. Thinking a navy hopsack might be good option but does anyone else have any other recommendations? 
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