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Oh the irony.
Are these the charcoal I'm guessing?
Driggs is my new fav fit. Love the rise. I find to be wearing them more than my walts..
Hmmm. Got a package in my locker but the key doesn't work...not sure if TOJ...ordered mid August 2013. One can be hopeful...
Thanks. Edited post to include that pic.
Wore this for about a year. I've been using this on the second to the end hole so it's slightly small on me. I'm about a waist size 31, I think this would be best for a waist size 30. Nothing wrong with it but just got a similar belt that fits better. Price includes shipping. Belt link http://epauletnewyork.com/products/mens-dress-belt-chocolate-calfskin. The length from end of belt to middle hole is approximately 31.25"  
I wonder if there will be any duck canvas
Just got my first pair of Driggs today. Navy hopsack. I currently own the grey hopsack in Walts fit. I actually really like the driggs fit. The rise and taper works a lot better for me. The walts are still perfectly fine as well. I also love the rivets which is probably why I like the driggs. I work in a business casual setting (more towards the casual) so the driggs is that perfect combination for me. I sized up one from my walts for the leg and thighs which worked out...
How heavy are the barberis flannels?
I see the individualized mto shirting page in progress on the site. I'm excited.
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