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This is nice to hear being an A-2 August order. But I'm pretty sure they will be the June/July ones. I can hope though
Off topic but I just noticed the Seiko posted and had to comment. I have that same Seiko except in black (SARB033) and absolutely love it.The quality is amazing for the price. I switched the strap out for a black leather one and IMO it dresses up nicely. I alternate between that watch and a coke dial gmt master ii (I believe we have the same watch Mike?)
I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some sizing. I have a 7.5D Barrie last PTB that fits well (normally 8D in AE). I was looking at an Alden x BB LHS unlined penny loafers size 7C and was wondering if that would be too small. I believe they are Van last.
I was looking to pick up a bourbon manistee belt. I know nordstroms has their anniversary sale soon but when looking at their website, it doesn't look like they carry the bourbon? Or am I mistaken? Can this only be bought at the AE store?
Was curious to see if anyone here owns a Sedgwick belt in hazel and also owns a pair of Allen Edmonds in walnut.
Anyone have the G&L midnight oil? Curious to see what the difference is between these and the olives. Probably just my computer but they look very similar to me. Looking to spread out to another color besides grey, khaki, and navy for work. Would the midnight oil be pretty versatile?
Mike, will you be offering the henleys in indigo?
Nice to see some bombers coming out.
Haha nice. Got me excited a little bc I had an A2 on order at that time and haven't heard of anyone with an A2 in awhile until the recent poster and he ordered in July. Oh well it's going to be too hot to wear it right now anyways.
Just got a pair of rust 1k's in. Haven't had a chance to wear them out yet. I have a bottle of Venetian Shoe Cream and was wondering if it's recommended to put it on the boots out of the box or should they be fine without it?
New Posts  All Forums: