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I'm in the same dilemma. Not sure which collar I want for the electric dreams. Mike, any suggestions? Going for a short sleeve in this one.
If anyone is on the fence between goat and lamb, definitely give goat a try. I have a ToJ lamb A2 and just received my FG goat MA-1. Yes lamb is softer but there's just something about the goat that makes me enjoy it more. The texture is quite nice.
Thanks @Epaulet probably will do that. Everything else about the shirt is just awesome (got the bleached blue oxford). You mentioned running another Portugal EFF for the leftover stock. When do you think you'll have that?
Just placed an order for a black goat ma-1. As always Charly was super helpful and very quick to respond. Can't wait!
Got my EFF shirt as well and noticed the cuffs seem small. I have small hands and even then it was a tight fit getting them through. Love the shirt though and it fits perfectly everywhere else.
Would I regret going black nylon ma-1 vs goat....? Nylon seems perfect for the SoCal weather but goat seems pretty awesome too...
I think goat is going to be my next jacket for sure. Pretty set on black goat ma-1 pending funds after xmas shopping..
Man can't decide between goat or lamb MA-1. I have a brown lamb A2 from the ToJ days already not sure if I should stick with lamb or try a goat...
These haven't been worn that many times. They feel a little too loose for my liking. Price includes shipping. 
These are a great pair of chukkas in dark brown suede by Kent Wang (see below link). I barely wear them so they are in very good condition still. I will also include the shoe trees from Kent Wang as well. Price includes shipping within the US.
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