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I know everyone's probably excited for the shell boots but Mike any news on the kudu boot yet .
Down for wavy striped. How much heft is there to the cotton? Is it a lighter cotton or heavier?
Hmm thinking about the indigo gingham but I don't like my shirts to be too lightweight. When they're too lightweight I feel like they are fragile =/.
Haha shoot. The picture didn't show on my phone. Now looking at it on my computer I see it and feel stupid for asking :).
What jacket?
Oh man now I'm worried about getting the right jacket. Started with an A-2 and just changed the color (black to brown) added bemberg and flap. Seems easy enough and got confirmations but you never know...
Whoa did not notice those snuff trainers. I have no idea my sizing on those. I'm a 8D normally for AE 5 last and 7.5D on the Barrie. Think the sizes left might be too small/big for me
+1. Although I definitely can't do both :( haha
Mike, any word yet of a kudu boot/shoe? Or is that still a possibility?
What's the status for the henleys?
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