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Small BD fits me pretty well. Size 40 fits me perfectly. 5'8" 160lbs 38" chest if that helps. 
I have a few pairs of Epaulet Rivet Chinos that no longer fit me. I have taken in the waist on a couple pairs (seat as well). If you're familiar with Epaulet they make altering their pants a breeze. These are the original rivet chino fit. See link below for measurements for sz 32.   There are 3 pairs - Starting from left to right: Galey & Lord Pale Khaki, Galey & Lord Navy, Khaki 8 oz. Canvas. Waist was measured with the waist band aligned. The navy has a slight defect...
Debating about the Chelsea boots...
Which conversational shirts did everyone go with?
These don't get much wear so I'm trying to find them a better home. Overall good condition. Have been cleaned a few times with Venetian shoe cream. Changed the laces. If you wish to see any more pictures feel free to PM me. Looking to ship only in the CONUS.
Digging the vw buses as well.
Thinking of picking up an unconstructed blazer. Looking for something casual (navy, cotton). Can anyone recommend any fabrics?
Copped the summer berry and a mallard shirt. Probably going to be two of my fav shirts.
What jacket is that? Looks awesome.
What do you guys think of this fit? Is the area circled in red too tight? The waist looks tight in that picture but in reality I can button it up and sit down so it's just a little snug. I tried a size down from last time as the waist felt slightly loose. Debating if I should break these in/hem them or just try and sell them. These are the Zimbabwe 15oz.   
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