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Still no bombers . But I'm only at the 70 week mark so I still probably got another 4-5 to go.
Wonder how long it'll take to ship them out now...
I think even July orders are still not here yet...so maybe July/Aug lol. Either way I'm an August order so I'm praying :).
Guessing it wasn't a TOJ?
I love patterned socks. Wear them everyday for work so if you release any crazy prints count me in. Also in for the reg solid ones as well.
How's the thickness on them compared to the short sleeves?
 Unfortunately that is not what I was hoping to hear lol. But I'm happy that you're getting something!
Do it. I also have an heirloom cardigan which is very nice. It's definitely heavier than the gunpatch. Having said that I also picked up a thermal and Gunpatch and all three are my top fav knits I own. Each have their own use
I agree. Unless your friends are really into clothes too, they will never really understand why I'm spending this much on clothes. But in the end it's really not spending that much for the quality you're getting. That's just something they won't really understand if they aren't into clothes.
Hmm have a mocha and prussian blue long sleeve in my cart. Thinking of adding the cranberry...Don't have anything red in my wardrobe yet..
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