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+1 pretty excited.
Saw the aero jacket too. Looks crazy good. Mike did you mention what the pricing is going to be like?
I'm sad I missed out on the twords. Was debating for too long and then Mike said they were out .
Copped the bleached blue somelos. Missed out on my size for the previous somelos. This bleached blue looks pretty boss. 
Grabbed a couple beanies as well. It's a steal at this price point.
Reminds me of an LV card case I have. Can the pockets fit cash folded? If so, that's a winning design .
Got a medium blue. My first time trying for medium but all this lifting has made the smalls feel pretty slim. It may be time to start building up my shirts to medium now :(....I doubt I'll be disappointed by the shirt, it'll be an awesome staple. 
I ordered one of the flannels and they have been shipped. Should get it Thursday
Come to terms that the Gustin fit is just not for me. I had these chainstitch hemmed and these have been cold soaked once. See below for measurements. Price includes shipping.    https://www.weargustin.com/store/3936   Waist (waistband aligned): 16.25" Front rise: 9.5" Hem: 7.25" Inseam: 31.25" 
These steel gray cords seem pretty famous around here. What's so special about them? I'm debating if it's worth it to pick these up even though I'm in SoCal...
New Posts  All Forums: