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Shoot. Didn't see that. Ordered an X-Small just going by the recommendation to order one size down from normal. Sadly I don't own a WvG shirt yet (well ordered one recently but hasn't arrived yet) but I was 90% sure I was a small BD. Hopefully the XS in overdye isn't too small.
Is the cotton gauze a pretty see through shirt?
Added my order. Looks like someone placed another A2 order exact same day as me. Nice :).
Will the sale start today or later this week?
Prob small. I went with a medium and I'm 5'9" 155lb 38" chest broad shoulders and it fits nicely on me. Not too slim but definitely not loose at all.
What color pants would you pair with navy tweed? Would you pair them with non tweed pants? I don't actually have anything tweed yet but these vests will look so boss and I like the navy but having a hard time picturing what I can wear it with.
I would say A2 as well.
How warm are the lounge pants? It looks like my size is the only one left. Not that I should be worried about warmth being in socal but was just curious.
If it's a small BD i'll gladly take it off your hands :).
If only I ordered mine a month earlier..
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