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You are probably like me. A small in EPNY fits slightly slim on me but a medium is slightly too big. The medium EPLA fits pretty well on me and I would say is identical to the EPNY small. I remember first ordering a EPLA small and couldn't button it up haha.
Same. I moved and two weeks before I moved I gave the new address. Pretty sure everyone would remember to email their new address. I don't think about my order every day but it's sort of hard to forget an $800 order you placed more than a year ago that you haven't received yet. 
Saw my speckled chambray ship too . I was on the fence about it but decided I would give it a try. Seeing as it sold out in my size, I am glad I ordered it when I did. 
Really contemplating on the navy chinos. 32 predator should be my size if I'm looking at the old size charts correctly...never bought WvG chinos before though. At this price point it seems hard to say no.
Like the chambray not sure if I can pull it off though 
Excuse the messy room. Quick fit pic of the polo size medium. 5'9" 38 chest 31 waist ~155 lbs. Makes me think there is some sizing inconsistency from seeing previous fit pics in a size medium..a little room on the sides for me but its not a lot. If I sized down to a small I feel the top would be too tight. Anyways love the material and collar.
+1 I have a medium with 38 chest. I can't imagine fitting a 40.5" chest in here unless you wanted it skin tight.
That's how I read it.
It's pretty stretchy and comfortable. But I believe KW polos have different thickness of material which could take part in how stretchy it can be. I wear a small in reg fit BR polos. I have tried their new slim fit and it was way too tight in the arms and slightly tight in the chest for me. I am not sure of your body proportions but if you fit a small in the slim BR polos you MAY be able to pass for a small in KW polos. I just know the small in reg fit BR polo is very...
New Posts  All Forums: