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Thanks for the suggestion. I do see what you mean with the pulling on the bottom button. You think that will have a big effect on the overall shape of the shirt? It look the dart is ~0.25" so I believe that would be ~1" more fuller in the body? Never actually taken darts out of a shirt before. 
So I've been on the hunt for the koi shirt offered awhile ago and finally found one on grailed in a sz small. This is my typical Epaulet shirt size (albeit, I'm on the border b/w small/medium due to lifting but go for the slimmer fit). When I tried this one on, it felt a little slimmer than usual. Did these shirts tend to run slightly smaller than usual (for anyone that owns one). Not sure if it was dried and shrank a bit from the previous owner. Does it look too small to...
How do you guys wash your heirloom cardigans? I feel like mine needs a wash soon but it says to hand wash with no detergent. Just seeing what's the best way to wash it.
I've only owned one pair of Alden's and they were a size 7.5D Barrie last. The only other dress shoes I own are AE 5 last shoes in 8D. Is it safe to assume I'm a 7.5D in the Tru-balance last? Or do I need to size down any further? How do the Barrie and Tru-balance lasts compare?
I don't own a pair of Alden boots, only Wolverine. I'm really close to putting in that preorder deposit for the natural cxl. Been wanting a pair of boots that will develop a patina over time and these seem like they would fit the bill. Decisions decisions....
FWIW I typically wear a small EPNY shirts. I do have broad shoulders and chest. I went with the 38 and am happy with it. I probably could've gotten a 36 and it would've stretched a little but I think you'll be fine with the 38.
Been looking at the MTO sanded canvas trousers. Anyone have pants in this material as well as the 8oz canvas rivet chinos? Which one is softer? Been looking to replace my navy chinos with possibly a driggs navy sanded canvas for casual wear.
Bought these a couple years ago but didn't wear too often. Broke them in a little but haven't been wearing them due to wearing my Wolverines more. There's a piece of grass on the bottom of one heel that I can remove. Just didn't have anything at the time of taking the pictures to remove it. Very good condition. These have been conditioned with Obenauf's LP. Price includes shipping within CONUS.
Man the chup socks look good. Can't decide on which ones though..
Looking at picking up my first pair of Gustin jeans. Looking at the okayama. I'm a true size 32 waist. It looks like the 31 slim may be what I'm looking for in terms of measurements to another pair of jeans but I am wondering about shrinkage. I forgot what measurements my other jeans started at but after washing and shrinkage they are just a tad smaller than the 31 slim measurements. Would it be better to go with a slim 32 or stick with a 31. 
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