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They were a pre order. Forgot exactly when. They are awesome though
Just noticed the hoodies and track pants on sale at a killer price...Debating between loden/vintage black for the hoodie since those are the only smalls left..leading towards vintage black. For the track pants this is going to be hard because there's smalls in all of them...
Bought these about a year ago but haven't worn them as much as I would like. Slight scuff on the front left pair but other than that they are in great condition. These will come with shoe trees I purchased from Kent Wang as well. Great pair of boots. 
Bought these from another member here almost 2 years ago. I probably wore these maybe 10-15 times max so I am looking to sell these since they don't get much wear. No shoe trees are included. Pricing includes shipping to the CONUS. 
So my big bubbas came in last week but didn't notice them til today. They were hidden under one of my moving boxes and the gf didn't tell me about it. Opened them up today and they are fantastic. Definitely will be wearing these whenever I can. Quality is top notch and the size is on point. True size is 8 and these fit perfectly.
The Marlowe reminds me of OP Bernardo. I love those. Not sure how I'll look in horn though...
These horsehide GATs look awesome. Just don't know how much I would wear them if I got them...too many shoes...
Mauro, any updates on the big bubbas?
Hmmm this picture is making me seriously consider...Just noticed the sizing on this is a little different. Did you go with your regular size?
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