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I'm in the OC but surprisingly I wore the heirloom quite often this past winter.
I need some polos for the summer. Actually it's getting to be polo weather here already. What colors will you be offering for the polos?
The 8D AE fits me pretty well. They definitely aren't too short for me. However, I do own a pair of AE in the 1 last and had to size up to 8.5D due to the width. 
Sorry, didn't get a tester pair. I am not sure if any the testers were an EEE. Might have to take that up with Mauro/Sijin. My guess is that it might not work width wise if these are based off of D sizing. 
FWIW, I didn't get a tester pair but I wear a 7.5D Barrie, 8D AE 5 last, 8D 1000 mile and I went with an 8. Pretty sure I made the right decision. I think you'll be fine with an 8.
Just bought a pair of navy chukkas. Now the wait time. At least I know these will be delivered unlike my ToJ...
Yeah on my work monitor they all look black lol. Probably going for the navy in the end.
Can't decide between navy or black chukkas...
Looks like I'll be spending some $$$ today.
I'm definitely a sock guy. Excited to see what I get.
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