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So my big bubbas came in last week but didn't notice them til today. They were hidden under one of my moving boxes and the gf didn't tell me about it. Opened them up today and they are fantastic. Definitely will be wearing these whenever I can. Quality is top notch and the size is on point. True size is 8 and these fit perfectly.
The Marlowe reminds me of OP Bernardo. I love those. Not sure how I'll look in horn though...
These horsehide GATs look awesome. Just don't know how much I would wear them if I got them...too many shoes...
Mauro, any updates on the big bubbas?
Hmmm this picture is making me seriously consider...Just noticed the sizing on this is a little different. Did you go with your regular size?
Navy Jack Spade messenger bag. Think it's their commuter version from a couple years ago. Don't use it anymore and actually rarely used it when i did. Excellent condition with no tears. Not looking to ship internationally.    Approximate measurements (sort of hard to measure this):   15" x 11" x 4"
Only used for one SoCal winter. Realized I don't really need it. This is the 100% wool version (believe they are wool/mix now). Really awesome peacoat. I did have the sleeves tailored to ~23.5" from shoulder seam to end. Previously was ~25". IMO, they were a little too long for a standard Small.  Shipping is included in the CONUS. Not looking to ship internationally. 
Anyone comment on sizing of the boxer briefs? Normally I'm a small in any underwear. Are these pretty conforming? Thinking of picking up the mediums since they are so cheap and I imagine they will fit ok. I'm normally a 32 in WvG chinos.
Damn. Tbh I did received my jacket a couple months ago or so. It's nice but I don't think it's worth all the wait and lack of communication. This is just bad. 
Agree with Mike's comment on the GMT Master II. I have the same color as he does and it goes well with just about everything. Very nice starter. The AP is beautiful too but imo the Rolex is the better first watch .
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