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Yeah, I'm definitely not happy I had to wait this long but I am finally glad I got my jacket. 
Thanks! Mid August 2013
For being my first TOJ, I am pretty satisfied with the fit. Thanks Charly! Sorry if pic is big. Uploaded from phone.
How much heel slip should there be with the vibram trail oxfords? Just received a 7.5 and have a slight heel slip. I'm afraid that over time it might get too loose but at the same time the sides are slightly snug (with socks).
Aug 2013
Missed the postman yesterday. Well I always miss him regardless since I'm always at work when they come but picking up my A2 at the post office today during lunch . Praying all my specifications are correct..
I'm 5'8" about 158. EPNY small fits me pretty perfectly maybe just on the touch of being too slim. I have a 38 heirloom and it fits me perfectly. I think you made the right choice.
Man those wooden buttons are sick. Is there a way to get those so I can replace the current ones on my heirloom?
Got shipping confirmation for the individualized shirt. Can't wait!
+1 on tie widths.
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