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+1 I have a medium with 38 chest. I can't imagine fitting a 40.5" chest in here unless you wanted it skin tight.
That's how I read it.
It's pretty stretchy and comfortable. But I believe KW polos have different thickness of material which could take part in how stretchy it can be. I wear a small in reg fit BR polos. I have tried their new slim fit and it was way too tight in the arms and slightly tight in the chest for me. I am not sure of your body proportions but if you fit a small in the slim BR polos you MAY be able to pass for a small in KW polos. I just know the small in reg fit BR polo is very...
I'm 5'9", 38" chest, 31" waist. Have semi broad chest/shoulders and went with a medium in KW polos and they fit nicely. It's not overly slim but there was no way I would fit into a small. Would've been way too tight. The medium still fits close to the body.
Doubt it if people from June/July are still waiting on theirs...August order here though too. 
A-2 order here too. Guess we ordered the same day :).
Looking to pick up a pair of either patriot or randolph loafers during the upcoming RDA sale. Is one more popular than the other?
Sounds good. I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I'm a small in all Epaulet but had to size up to a medium for loopwheeled. I do have semi broad shoulders and chest. The medium fits perfect except just a little long so hopefully it'll just shrink in the length when I wash. The small henleys however fit me perfectly.
I sent him an email regarding the same thing a couple weeks ago. I ordered in mid-Aug and I'm also moving in mid-Aug and he suggested that I give him the new address. I ordered an A2. 
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