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 No. I mean shirt stays to keep your shirt tucked in tight.
Anybody here wear shirt stays?
I already have a suit from Anthony Squires and thinking about purchasing a second from a tailor. Anyone have any stories from Suit Shop? Where are their suits made?
I have several pairs of Herrings in both leather and rubber. Personally, I like leather, but my feet slip if I walk a little faster on concrete. Forget about it when it rains though. The rubber in Herring is great. I'm wearing a pair today even in the sunny weather. But they are my dedicated shoes for rainy days.
What's the best way to remove coffee stain from a pair of slacks without taking to dry cleaners? 
Thank you. Thanks everyone. 
It's okay, I won't get you started.  Thanks for your comments though. I don't trust assistants either which is why I hate shopping and why I come to this forum to get my information/answers.  Initially, the first assistant put me in a size that was too big and said that was best. I then took it a size down and found that was better.  I was told that because of my height (6'4"), that MJ Bale, or any other Off-the-rack brand would not suit and would most certainly require...
I feel embarrassed to say that I'm just a noob when it comes to fashion, and I'm tryin'.  After trying it on, the staff said that it was a "perfect fit" (i.e., no alterations needed).  I assume a grey (standard, with no lines in the fabric) would be the best choice to give a more casual look than a navy. Working in IT Pre Sales I can have meetings with customers that are wearing jeans and t-shirts. So I don't want to come off as being slick and pompous. 
This is my first suit in ten years. I work in IT Pre Sales these days and can get away with a pair of slacks, nice casual shirt, and even a tie. A suit can be a tad formal, but common if you're a business development manager.So I eyed an Anthony Squires suit yesterday at DJs, grey, wool, 100s, for $700. Is it worth it?
With the sales now on at David Jones - is Anthony Squires considered a quality suit?
New Posts  All Forums: