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Has anyone here tried the online tailored services such as Indochino?  I have a few suits from Suitshop but want to give the online option a go. 
The Redruth's are nice. I was going to buy a pair but they are no longer available. 
Re: shoe care. Do you use the cream that comes packaged with the Herrings or do you use Saphir? 
For me, Suitshop is gold. I have purchased two suits from them, one in navy blue and the other in an English-weave charcoal. Happy with both purchases. I'm 6'4" and found it hard to buy a suit at a decent price point.  Anything else was more expensive and required tailoring anyway. Their business shirts are awesome too. Firstly I purchased a light-blue shirt. The fabric was thick, the sleeve length was perfect. I purchased another four with different stripes etc. Now I...
What type of pockets did you get?
I'll be interested to know what you got.  I'm thinking about a dark navy blue.  How should the style and fit differ from a regular suit jacket? 
Anyone ever had a casual jacket done by Suitshop? 
I have purchased a few suits from Suitshop and I'm very happy with them.  I'm thinking about requesting a casual jacket/blazer from them. Has anyone gone down this road?  Are you happy with your purchase?
Just one more question - as I'm normally an 11G, and since the Pimlico come in only F sizes, would going up half a size (i.e., to 11.5F) be sufficient? 
Just seeking more clarification, but while it was not formal enough for you, can you see others wearing it with a suit? I work in IT and wear a suit, but also don't want to appear too formal.
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