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Apple Maps didn't know that a Men's Warehouse existed. Google Maps corrected it to the proper location, hence the only reason I know the store's real name.
The jeans are crap. Cheap stuff I got from Kohls. I would never actually wear them with a coat.
Thank you, and they both cover the rear.
I changed my post so the images should show.  Thanks.
Ok, so I took some better pictures.  The first set of photos (4) are from a 35S sports coat:                 The second set of photos (4) are from a 36S cashmere blazer.               Which one looks better?  I would use these sports coats for a more casual night out (nice pair of jeans + button up), and not with dress slacks and business wear.     Thank you in advance.
Thanks. The reason I ask is I have a Men's Wearhouse gift card thank for Christmas, and I wish to take advantage of their BOGO deal. I want solid black and gray sports coats, but the local store doesn't have great options for gray. So, I'm turning to their online store.
When I'm standing and hold a drink, it doesn't feel tight. When I'm reaching my arms out for something, it pulls on the button a bit.
I'm sorry if the picture isn't any better....I don't have a way to time a picture or somebody to take a picture for me.  Just by looking at this, does anyone think this is a tight fit?  It's a 35S.             Thank you.
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