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In London, the few I have been informed of, are for black tie with just a Venetian mask
that is exactly the link I thought I had attached
Thanks both
Thanks, I guess that, but if they remove the part all together, they have a less refernce on the exact points that could have been simply indicated by marks..., at least that is how I immagine it.
I do not want to start a new thread, however I came across these pictures today of a bespoke fitting at John Lobb Paris. Do anyone that know more care to comment on the practice of cutting off part of the shoe??? @DWFII???
Sarto, learn to read English and visit a doctor. What was the small profit? The Christmas present? You do not know how business deal with customers and employees in Naples, do you? You see, where is the insider. The barber you use in Naples did not even give you a calendar at Christmas? Did Kiton not give at least an hamper to their workers? I got a gift at Cappelli as well, the very first time I bought something there... Anyway, I still got all your emails and PM...
As me and PKL have been in contact throughtout this experience and I have tried and will continue to try to get him his shirt, unfortunately the guy seems to have lost his plot. I had some shirts also outstanding, but after imposing myself on his location for two weekends, I managed to leave with them. I was not talking about it, as agreed with PKL, there was a better chance to get the shirt that way (obviously proved wrong). He continued to tell me that he would do the...
I have just looked at some Liverano coats pictures. Their seams is placed further forward than on Scholte's coats.Furthermore, the one underarm seam was much more common then, as was the front dart (now known as neapolitan), I believe even in German tailoring.The one thing to notice, having seen the fabric, is that the fabric was like today overcoat weighting and a lot of the shaping was done through ironing as the fabric patterns were visually distorted.
In italy all first relative of both families get boutonniers (fathers, grandfather and brothers).Ciao
I think the boutonnière should be the same main flower as the bride boquet
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