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Ambrogio Prezioso, current President of the Association of Neapolitan Industrialist:
Paolo Graziano, former president of the Association of Neapolitan Industrialist
There was a very similar fabric in Barbera for H Lesser old jacketing collection, and Drapers still has fabric made by Barbera. In any case, between Caccioppoli and Drapers they should have one of those
Pretty sure it is a Neapolitan suit and that is the only not working buttonhole
Do not put them near a Heath source e.g. Heathers, but you could stuff them with paper kitchen towels and also loosly wrap them in the same paper towel, changing the paper every so often. This will help with evenly dry in and out... Done this many times living in London before buying galoshes, and still some time I get caught not carrying them around.
Very aware of the article as I own the printed version ( a black tie dedicated issue of British GQ). Although for some "strange" reason he only seems to indicate that vents are the only deviation allowed (why not notch, two buttons, etc), this does not prove anything. For instance, a reading of Poole own order ledger will show you that the alleged first ever DJ was not other then a version of a smooking jacket rather then a short evening tail as the legend wants it...
No to keep arguing on this, but the Duke had several dinner and regular jackets that had vents, I actually have not seen one that clearly did not have vents, aside of tails .( I can create a separate thread if needed with all the pictures saved from the various suits at the MET, donated by the duchess).I have not have a preference in either case, but famously the Duke preferred vents (Even on the single breasted jacket I have personally seen at the V&A in London).You first...
T & T, although that picture appear to show a ventless jacket, other pictures demonstrate that the vents were further back and maybe, i say maybe, even that jacket was vented: also the MET has recently changed website so you cannot see all the pictures for each item in the catalogue, however I luckily saved some from the previous site: and a tartan evening suit:
All the Duke of Windsor dinner suit that went to auction and are kept in museums like the MET, are all vented.. I guess when you say PoW from the 20's you mean the young Duke, so where are those examples you have seen???
They do work horse shirting but not worth purposely seeking IMO
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