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As mentioned earlier, in Italy they call Hand Welting "Good Year by hand", but also talk about "Rapid stitching by hand" when talking about stitching the outsole to the welt ... Add to the confusion I guess.
I think lake derbies with or without split toe, made on classic lasts, have been quite common business formal shoes in Italy since the 1960's
Well done !!!!
When @FosterandSon started interacting on this forum promised to post a full Tuczek catalogue to be compared to their own to demonstrate how the style was common to other maker, so I do understand what @ntempleman is saying. My pictures are all stored onto my Laptop HDD, however I have quickly googled some to briefly demonstrate what I was saying about Japanese maker and Tuczek aesthetic:Connection to the front welt (Tuczek)Tuczek shoe:Marques:Not only the general last...
I have been collecting pictures of Tuczek shoes and boots for few years (centiped, Japanese collections, French collection, and every time one pair pops up on eBay) .Most of their shoes had a deeped front connecting straight to the welt/sole, but not only for chiselled shaped, even round and pointing last's had this feature. Also the proportion and spacing on full brogues were almost perfect in my view. I am using those pictures as a sample of future commission .
Silhouettes can and are affected by construction in suit, minimally by the cut of the fabric. They way tailor will build the chest, shoulders, attach the sleeves etc will results in different end results. The construction needs to be learned or reverse engineered, cannot be replicated by just seeing the end resultsYou are helping me on my argument on shoes tough, lasts can be copied as can the patterns. My post was in reply to the statement that one would still buy some...
A suit is a bad example because a lot of how it looks is to do with the inner construction, but again, I think it could be reverse engineered especially if it had to be a copy for the same customer.Tuczek deeped front and proportions related to it gave him a distinctive aesthetics in my eye
The same way some Japanese maker are replicating day in day out Tuczek aesthetic ?Why do you think aesthetic cannot be copied?
A talented shoemaker can replicate details of other "house styles" if the client so wish, it is a bespoke shoes, after all, however if the guy has an higher instep and the base model a low one, it would be be built around the client high instep which may somehow result in visible differences from the base model (speaking from experience)
Not at all on a suit. On sport jackets maybe
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