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Has this become a fantasy dress thread?
How does a black tie thread flow naturally into morning attire questions when there are many specific threads on the matter on this forum? So when we ask new members to use an existing thread rather then open a new one, you like for them to sift across the many pages of morning attire and other out of theme posts before understanding that this is the right thread to post into for a Black tie question and/or observation? I can offer expertise on Naples or many other...
This thread has been around and been interesting long before it got derailed with fantasy posts and morning wear posts. It is often said that SF was more interesting before when more member kept to the subject matter of the specific threads they were discussing. You are free to open your "fantasy formal attire club " thread were you can discuss of various morning and evening attire fantasises with virtual cigars.Edit: and even the few black tie relevant posts recently have...
There is a lot of unnecessary derailment on this thread, would it not be better to discuss morning wear on a separate thread or the wedding attire thread? This was a specific thread for discussing current state of black tie, what we see out there and what we do ourself.
I would guess corrected grain
Albini has a nice version but it comes in a darker colour then the SG one. However, the last time I was at Piccolo shirting merchant in Naples (where I bought my Albini length a couple of years ago) he was having a finisher dying/washing the Albini Chambray in different shades, and one closely re-assebled the SG colour. Albini is obviously 100% cotton and the fuzzyiness is minimal
I would just get a white shirt, you will have use for both shirts in the future, but the one you currently have, although not ideal, could still work.The ties of mine I have posted are either silver/blue or white/blue combos, which i see as ideal in your colour scheme.
The Duke of Windsor bottle green corduroy dinner Jacket (I believe it had a U cut waistcoat in the same material)
I would not do the grenadine, too dark on that suit especially for your own wedding. The plaid was a good idea, but also slightly dark in the example posted. I would look for a silver/blue houndstooth or plaid, or even a more solid jacquard silver tie. The shirts is a light enough sky blue but dark navy suit plus navy tie with red dots, is not a good look for your own wedding (the usual message about looking at pictures later.Edit: In buying a tie for your wedding I do not...
Indeed, I almost hate the slim trousers of my mohair suit. I recently asked my tailor to cut me a pair in those same fabric but in a full cut with pleats...
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