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Apparently by Lanvin.... I would not have let him in!
I think this may be due to them delivering some or most garments during the trips they make, therefore having not materials proof of delivering outside EU for IVA (value added tax, only applicable within EU) exclusions. Full clients details must be declared on tax forms. With my family business back home we some time ship out containers and that makes the declarations easy as they happen at the port.
I am actually a bit worried of the rationalization of Smith Woollens catalogue, in particular their formal book
Looking at the picture and the OP statement, the problem is quite certainly with the lowest rise formal trousers I have ever seen.
As other thing, is not relavant in this thread. This thread is about black tie (dinner/evening cloths). Discussion around white tie would be relevant IMO as some events will call for white tie optional/black tie, so the affinity, but you should not go to an evening event wearing any form of morning wear, unless you are trying to be some form of dandy, if you wear inappropriate formalwear at events were it is not call for and/or you WILL be the only one standing out, and...
Has this become a fantasy dress thread?
How does a black tie thread flow naturally into morning attire questions when there are many specific threads on the matter on this forum? So when we ask new members to use an existing thread rather then open a new one, you like for them to sift across the many pages of morning attire and other out of theme posts before understanding that this is the right thread to post into for a Black tie question and/or observation? I can offer expertise on Naples or many other...
This thread has been around and been interesting long before it got derailed with fantasy posts and morning wear posts. It is often said that SF was more interesting before when more member kept to the subject matter of the specific threads they were discussing. You are free to open your "fantasy formal attire club " thread were you can discuss of various morning and evening attire fantasises with virtual cigars.Edit: and even the few black tie relevant posts recently have...
There is a lot of unnecessary derailment on this thread, would it not be better to discuss morning wear on a separate thread or the wedding attire thread? This was a specific thread for discussing current state of black tie, what we see out there and what we do ourself.
I would guess corrected grain
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