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Presot is considered the very best and last traditional tannery.They have three qualities of sole leather and each comes in different thickness. The Super Oro is the best
My message above may have been missed in the exchange , what about the Italian Presot as an alternative to Baker
Talking about traditional tanneries, have you ever heard of Pietro Presot? Like Baker in UK, Presot is the only tradional tannery left in Italy and is considered among the best if not the very best tannery in the world for soles/ bends
If going in person in Naples have considered a proper Sartoria where the owner is also the cutter? If prearranged most will accommodate all the necessary fittings in 4 days and then ship the finished jacket
I think the Loake UK9 shoes tree (no last specific) would need at least an AE US10 shoe
I have used Brisbane Moss Shakespeare Cotton Drill , 215 g/m2 for three chinos and have two or more lenght left for more chinos in the future.Pretty happy to use them in the summer.Brisbane Moss has another Cotton Drill, range Tennyson, 290 g/m2, but only in very conservative colours.
Are these pairs from the same dead customer of the JL St James?
Thanks. And by Marigliano in Milan, do you mean Gianni Marigliano or someone else? Which of the Pirozzi? Some young ones as well coming from "modellismo" schools that are often features on "brand ambassadors" (new name for...) blogs, rather then coming from traditional Sartoria apprentershipsWho are the tailors that you currently use?
As you presumably joined this forum to share your experience why don't you share your recommendations for Italian tailors in both Naples, Milan and Florence in this post?
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