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What about this: It is a dark blue going into grey in real life, very unique.I am considering this exact cloth for my first DB suit next winter.Edit: took another picture that show the blue hue better in between two different shades of greys
Will post the remake once is done (if I do indeed go for the derby rather then Oxford approach) ... I have not come across a similar design yet (as a combination of design elements)In the picture my great grandfather is wearing balmoral boots, this older gentleman next to him, which it may have been my great -great grandfather is wearing this ball strap spectators and a boater hat.My great grandfather was a serious good dresser. In the summer pictures is always wearing...
A frock jacket as opposed to overcoat/topcoat would definitely be costume, sorry.The front dart was a feature of certain DB formalwear, like frocks and DB dipped front waistcoatsEdit: I did not mean formal today in the strictest sense of an alternative or to be worn over morning tailcoat, but as a more formal alternative to a Chesterfield
The incongruency is in the fact that even a modern frock should be seen as a formal coat and patch pocket are too informal IMHO.The raincoat you posted above with waist seam is missing the central front seam to be defined a frock cut.I would like to keep the idea to myself about what I have in mind for my modern paletot as it will be the results of over two years of research and back and forth of idea with my tailor. The differences will be in some additional darts/seams...
I have sporty thighs as my tailor put it and cannot use delicate fabrics for my trousers, hence I need to stay away from 2x1 or wollen flannel. The Fox Brother Worsted flannel was a bit of a disappointment to be honest, whilst a friend that experienced both, and with the same sporty thighs and issue, has recommend me the Harrison range. It has a different hand to be fair (less soft then fox's) however I do not really care if it last better.
I have the sample book and will be ordering various shades of grey for odd trousers as I have had feedback from a friend with the same problem as me in wearing out the croch area of trousers, that Harrisons is much more resistant than Fox (the latter only lasted me a season and half of average fortnightly wear, and also did not hold shape well at all...)
I would not pay too much attention to GBR. He likes to criticise from up his pedistal as believes to know it all.However, if you are going for an historicaly correct example, the patch and ticket pockets have no place on a frock overcoat. IMHO the missing silk lapels are acceptable in a modern context.In any case, it would not be classic menswear as we know it today, a bit like you dressing in white tie to go to dinner to your local restaurant.A better option, still IMO,...
I have that picture as well, they were Crockett & Jones.I am thinking to bespeak a very similar pair (no broguing) or a derby version that I have in a family picture of my great grandfather (>1910)
Just to be clear, I was trying to help with identify the right picture of the event as @tbrock mentioned notch lapel, wing collar etc... whilst the VP was wearing peak lapel and turn down.And whilst you can be over critical about fit and cut, the jacket has the right details for example (lapels, pockets)
Did you google "Joe Biden Oscars"?
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