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IMHO and historically, dove grey is the more appropriate colour for the groom. Buff, baby blue and other colours were and are usually worn by the wedding guests or by all attendees in other occasions such as racing etc. (in a morning attire context).
Simply addressing your easy trigger "everyone" is a scam/fraud .Orazio was your best mate and chosen tailor. Now is a fraud....
I believe it was early in this thread or in the PC AV thread where someone exposed how Orazio Luciano has been also accused by sarto of Fraudulent behaviours and how Orazio do not even want to hear the name of the guy again. Having been pestered first hand by emails and PM from Sarto (in his previous incarnations) accusing everyone of similar fraudulent behaviours against him, I am an easier believer
You talk no-sense. To buy without paying IVA (Italian VAT) from another European country, you need to be a registered business with an equivalent VAT number in your own country, where this amount of unpaid VAT will need to be part of your accounts for payable VAT there. I do plenty of large business transactions intra and extra European Union. To export outside of the EU, without going through the customs offices at PORT (container shipping), it require a lot of paperwork...
Re VAT exemptions : It is a lot of paperwork and associated cost to apply a VAT exception in Italy which in turn will cause almost certainly continuos tax inspections. I suspect that is what happened to NSM when they asked clients to confirm their address and details. There is no fraudulent approach in making all customers paying VAT as it is a tax that goes straight to the government not a way to earn more by the seller, so no need of silly accusation of tax fraud by the...
Kiton only partially uses Barbera cloth, as well as Moxon and specially made Loro Piana fabrics and Barbera still make for others. When I was buying cloth at Smith woollens in London last year, they were shipping a big parcell to Brioni (it was on the counter ready for the currier pick up). H&S is a favourite of many Neapolitan tailors, mine as well (Gianni Volpe), I believe also for good reasons.
It is a good point and I have plenty of vintage ties (mostly passed onto me), however is difficult for vintage tie to be in very good condition, and some are indeed too shorts. However with this approach http://www.styleforum.net/t/306495/dissection-and-reconstruction-of-a-charles-tyrwhitt-grenadine you could also wash the fabric and re-assemble the tie with fresh/top quality interlining.
I am not following them anymore as I use other shirtmakers but from what I have read on Permanent Style recently they seems to have a collaboration with him or at least he publish info of each visit
I have both and have used both for some time, and Hanro have lasted much better whilst zimmerli have soon lost the shape with the side seams shifting all over the place, whilst the hanro are still as new after a couple of years wearing.
I know it is almost 12 oz, but worsted flannel do not work ver well at lighter weights...From the Worsted & Woollen flannels bunch F392/11
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