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Thanks very much.It was meant to read "synthetic ", dammed t9...Will surely check out your shoes examples .
Agreed with all Raggedy said above. In terms of ideal look/fit, this should be your inspiration:
@bengal-stripe @ntempleman @DWFII thanks very much for your input. Nicholas, I would agree that the Vocalou looks great, but was not sure about the dying properties. Would you say that if I take the lightest of the Browns I can then obtain various darker shades, including a brown/green shade? The problem is that unless I get to use the whole skin, self supplying the leather becomes an economic challange. Also, the old stock baby calf patent you are referring to at the...
As I am thinking about the pro & cons of supplying my chosen leather to my shoemaker (makes shoes in his spare time and only access to stock supplied to the factories where he work in the morning), I would like to get yourvfeedback on the following: What are the drawbacks of choosing a chrome tanned with wax burnishable finish leather (like Annonay’s VEGANO BURNISHING CALF) to be hand-coloured to the desired shade vs. using a virtually finished product (like Annonay’s...
Thanks, will check them out.Still curious about what the west end firms uses.
I could not find a specific thread/previous post about this, so here is my question: Does anyone here know a source for traditional Patent Leather (the kind made with boiled linseed oil lacquer)? If that leather is really impossible to find any longer, who are the best modern patent leather suppliers? Which supplier is used by John Lobb St James, Cleverly etc.. (@ntempleman @j-mac @bengal-stripe others?) Whilst I do appreciate the spit shine calf leather options for...
Not shoes but was in St James today: And Jermyn Street: (Only the new fugly models in the wondow):
If I read correctly, the guy is having shoes made, so if you were him instead of a bespoke pair made like a Dover, you rather but the RTW pair?
There is no much information out there but after several years with JLP bespoke and then being director and master Bottier with Massaro, Philippe Atienza has opened his own operation a month ago at 127 rue Amelot, 75011 Paris in France. Does any French speaking member heard or can found out a bit more?
Would do the Dover
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