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Got measured my Steven by appointment. Other than measuring he took note of all the main bones and other bit and pieces. He took the time to talk me through what shoemakers will then do with this last ;-)
Off course I have asked. I have two options, either a fully handmade version by an artisan or using a shoe factory that will have just to amend the pattern to adapt to my last. I have spoken to some factories and all told me that they would threat this the same as when they do one off sample runs to try new model. My last would not be different by a one off trial version. The maker/ factories are in Naples Italy and they both use third party lastmakers. For me the...
Cross post from a similar thread regarding Cispinians made lasts
Just collected my lasts from Crispinians of London:
Edit: Also found and read the other forum. Here some extra comments: There is no excuses for forgetting to add buttonholes and is a shame but is an easily resolvable issue. As I was involved in the communication between the parties as I was helping in getting both guys their shirts so that no one got scammed other then you in Naples, better clarify that the horizontal stripes were the only other solutions other than an 11 cm cuff as the client had provided too short cut...
Something you would not see on an American forum: A commemorative Wyler chronographe (inspired by a 1940's model made in the 90's) in 18k yellow gold with a Lemania 1873 (3rd subdial not in use)
Believe it or not they would actually open (all buttons) the DB Dinner (or lounge) jacket when sitting down to eat.As a side note, I was personally kind of adverse to DB until last year because in my eyes it was the configuration of older gentlements, probably influenced by the fact that this was the favourite configuration of my grandfather. However, having been studying a lot of family pictures during a recent research, I actually noticed that he was wearing DB jackets...
I have worn my 18th birthday party suit for the following 6-8 years until I had to throw it out. My oldest suit currently in my rotation is from when I was 21/22 and was recently let out a bit at the back and I had a replacement pair of trouser made (and only because I had ripped them around one of the cuff and had also previously let out by 3cm around the waist). Ammazingly, Loro Piana still did the fabric in the same pattern and colour, albeit it moved from S120 to...
At least in Naples, womans involved in Sartorias' work may be specialised in buttonholes and other embroidery work, as the industry is very much male dominant. Different story for shirtmaking operations, where the opposite is true (mens are only involved in cutting and fitting if anything).
With reference to the suggestion of white waistcoat being fine because it was done in the 1930's, I would add that the white waistcoat can be worn, but it must be paired (and therefore cut for), very high rise trousers to look good. That was the way it was back then and it looked good as you would not see any white bits peaking from below the jacket buttoning point
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