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I do not think the two are comparable as any real Neapolitan bespoke maker is to a factory operation. The pattern and construction are so different that cannot see how you are even considering comparing the two.
I have covered this on my blog a while ago:
I think they are talking about Paul Wilson, shoemaker and manager at John Lobb shop on Madison Avenue, NYC
My tailor posted this on Instagram today, apparently for an upcoming Neapolitan groom. Glad to see some still uphold the tradition.
Sorry, just crappy iPhone 6s picture. Top half of the picture is the reverse side with the angled basket/hop sack like. The bottom side is the facing side/barathea rib Ps: it is the same fabric and colour, just the lighting makes it look different
The reverse side of barathea looks like an hopsack with a slightly offset effect. Will take some pictures later from my fabrics
To me it looks like the underside of a barathea wave, probably in mohair or mohair blend. It looks very close to my Smith wollen ones, used in a pair of replacement trousers that had to match a jacket made with the underside facing out.
Do you want a plain or pleated front option?The traditional approach was a voile body with marcella bib, collar and cuff. An alternative to marcella was the finest white linen, but this had to be proper starched.The body is most recently made of fine poplin instead of voile.Pleated shirt can be made entirely of poplin or to have collar, cuff and pleated front in poplin and the body in voile.Twill is not appropriate, but I have seen museum pieces where voile with spaced...
Are you having a try on in advance? I would insist for one so that you can change sizes if needs be
I get the stud closure, I have it on one of my briefcases,however it looks like it has only one hole make it impossible to make it tighter if needed be. During cold days I tend to have my shoes facing closing more then usual as an example
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