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For the sake of not creating another false myth, there is a distinction between the traditional home base bespoke shirtmaking Neapolitan tradition and RTW maker seeking to make a shirt made in Naples. I can assure the readers that The traditional bespoke maker would do many "ricami" or hand details, often because they did not have the tools (read hand felling foot on a sewing machine) to do otherwise, as explained in my post dedicated on Neapolitan shirts, and that I have...
I have heard before that wider width fabrics (instead of the single width only Bonfanti and Riva offers in Italy at the moment, produced on the much talked about old looms) were outsourced by Bonfanti to other mills, with Sic Tess mentioned as a possible one (new quality looms) so the way around May be the most likely scenario. So 90 cm width produced and sold by Bonfanti. 150 cm width produced by third party for Bonfanti
Indeed. I have much more expensive silver tip badgers (with relative stand) but are of the home user/short type, and I much prefer the length of this Omega for how easy he creates leather with hard soaps like the P.160.
As starter brush I would suggest this: http://m.ebay.com/itm/150974052501 And hard cream/soft soap http://m.ebay.com/itm/281179217298?nav=SEARCH And possibly a good shaving oil or pre-shave cream Canned foam do not offer enough protection for a DE/straight razor IMHO
I have other consumer brushes with stands, but that is an Omega 48 pro, to tall for available brush stands, the brush is quite old but is kept as new. The important think is to ensure the bristle dry, and I do that before putting it back into the jug. The razors are kept somewhere else , in sleeves, only there for the picture.
Yes, I tried Acqua Di Parma shaving soap -glycerine based (I still have some) but it is greatly overpriced. It is made by the same company that made the original Figaro P.160 but it is not as good as the P.160 (tallow base). The one I have has lost all the original almond scent but it lather beautifully Edit: may I also suggest Cella & Vitos
I used to have 50 or so fragrances but noticed that I started wearing only an handful at most and also that in my conservative work environment strong fragrances were not appropriate, so I gave almost all away and what I use now is AdP Colonia Intensa (current favourite, great staying power) AdP Colonia (for regular workdays) AdP Mediterraneo Acqua di Capri (lovely Neroli undertone, great in the summer or good mood day) AdP Colonia Intensa Oud (a present, very long lasting...
What I am currently using (the Dovo less so aside of side burns) I also have few bars of original vintage Figaro P.160 that I use at times, and others italian soaps and creams as well different post shave creams and balms
I think nowadays, the velvet used in bespoke clothes is almost exclusively cotton velvet, Brisbane Moss and Duca Visconti di Modrone would be my go to places for the best cotton velvet
Single link cuffs are and have been always acceptable with a Tuxedo, Smoking, Dinner suit. If done well, they look better in most cases with a dinner suit than the Double version. A visit to a cloth museum will show you 20,30,40,50 and 60's example of turndown, marcella bibs and single cuffs examples. I have both, albeit the double cuff is my only pleated front (Charvet), and much prefer single cuffs. What is more, a version with attached collar and single link cuffs is...
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