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Further progress: the sole went on and the 360 welt disappeared
Brisbane Moss cotton has an incredible price to quality ratio. I have used their corduroy and cotton drill fabric for trousers and have been very impressed. Caccioppoli does carry Brisbane, but probably can be bought cheaper directly
they may commission exclusive fabrics but they do not own any mills
Thanks, he decided to do a 360 welt as he thinks it achieve a more complete look, and see if I like it, otherwise future orders will be welted up to the waist area
I ended up going with a "one man" shoemaker (well he outsource the closing to some ladies) and the shoes are slowly taking shape
The fourth picture in the first post of this thread has a split toe model:
The uppers have been stitched up. Ready for lasting:
Here is my entry. The target is a burgundy/prune quarter brogue Oxford to try my lasts and make any relevant adjustments. Progress are slow as my Mistery Shoemaker is doing this in his spare time out of his main job. The last were made by Crispinians in London: Now the Neapolitan MS is slowly making progress: If everything goes to plan I have about 9 pairs of classical variation of RTW shoes that will slowly by replaced to finally avoid the 3-4cm V gap I have so...
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