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I am 6 feet tall, 36 inch waist and get French pleats (forward) and cuffs. My trousermaker ask for 160cm of regular width fabric and 170cm if patterned. My tailor, for suit, will squeeze it in with 3.3m for a 2 piece suit.
I think if for loafer we mean version of Albert slippers models rather then loosely similar type, then Albert slippers/shoes have been part of the black tie option for quite some time as I have seen examples by both Lobbs St James (vintage catalogues) and C&J. The round toe box, is pretty much a slightly elongated version of the classic Opera Pumps. the Ferragamo version is pretty much in line, but others version seems too fashion forward to be seen as classic good...
Mine was quite expensive as it was a virtual full movement rebuild, new crystal etc... I did it because it was my dad's ( I also had a Breitling and a Philip Watch of his fully restored as new). The prices are advertised on their global website in CHF.
Thanks for the update, a shame that we won 't see the first SFer owned Finollo
That green stuff is caused by the oxidation of the previous strap bar due to the wearer sweat. It should easily clean off. If you want to get the watch back to like new condition, I would contact the Omega service centre in your country asking for the official restoration service. I had my dad 1975 Omega Constellation restored through Omega UK, and it is now in my regular rotation (after over 20 years of being left in a draw).
What happened to your Finollo order?
I was not criticising, you fundraising page, just noting the extremely casual nature of what you seem to be wearing off formal events, again backing the converted /preacher example.In any case, as you insist, I read and understood the waistcoat you posted at one point would not be worn with the tailcoat, but the wedding tie you were considering were very dark, with black hue or something (I cannot recall exactly but we can easily go back within this thread....) , and it...
And they may have their own traditions with attached dress code for their cultural unique event, which one should adhere to if attending (I have been invited to Arabs, African and Indu wedding where they prefer you to wear their traditional clothing and will source it for you).
Considering that you completely diverted from your initial researched choice of dark weird colour palette into exactly what I first suggested and then when I pointed this out previously in response to your wrong assumption you immediately disappeared from the discussion, I think the advice was very valuable to you We all learn and become informed, but as many have said before me there is no one more dangerous as a preacher then the converted, and having stumbled across...
Thanks God I am rambling and what did you just do?As Unbel said, so much wrong.... You may say that it was established faster in America or that you gave it the name Tuxedo (it is still mainly know as dinner suit this side of the pond), but trying to tell Henry Poole that the it began in America...
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