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I think the Loake UK9 shoes tree (no last specific) would need at least an AE US10 shoe
I have used Brisbane Moss Shakespeare Cotton Drill , 215 g/m2 for three chinos and have two or more lenght left for more chinos in the future.Pretty happy to use them in the summer.Brisbane Moss has another Cotton Drill, range Tennyson, 290 g/m2, but only in very conservative colours.
Are these pairs from the same dead customer of the JL St James?
Thanks. And by Marigliano in Milan, do you mean Gianni Marigliano or someone else? Which of the Pirozzi? Some young ones as well coming from "modellismo" schools that are often features on "brand ambassadors" (new name for...) blogs, rather then coming from traditional Sartoria apprentershipsWho are the tailors that you currently use?
As you presumably joined this forum to share your experience why don't you share your recommendations for Italian tailors in both Naples, Milan and Florence in this post?
I knew you had worked together. You can see him 10 seconds in the video on JL SJ featuring you, him sketching on a last. I thought however that a large part of the shape has been dictated by my high instep...
Sorry, do you mean you recognised the shape of the last being Steve's? I had assumed you were just referring to my thread on Steven Lowe seeing that these last's were instead plastic...
It is a 3D copy of Steve Lowe last, which my shoemaker has had made in Italy and then modified the toe box, so that I now have a soft chiselled and an almond version and get get two pairs of shoes made at the same time.This is a picture of the original Steve's last and the plastic 3D copy before modifying the toe:Edit: Antonio, my shoemaker, has designed both patterns on the plastic copy but the punched captoe balmoral further up will be built on the soft chiselled whilst...
And the pattern draft for my black captoe Oxford shoes on my bespoke last with a modified almond pointed toe box is done:
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