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Hi Marco,Did you ordered shirts from D'avino or other maker? I don't understand if you don't like D'avino (because I wrote about him) but you still order shirts from him ????What maker produces, in your opinion, a good "fitted" shirt, maybe I can write a review about them next time I am in Napoli?I visited different tailors while I was in Napoli and will post in the future as I haven't took any pictures at the other ateliers.Because I have posted in the two threads...
T4, do not use terrone as a term for badly dressed people as it is a discriminatory and racist word used to address Southern Italians, well dressed or not. You probably wanted to use Cafone or Tamarro, which is used to refer to people that try to show off for an occasion but those not have the knowledge to dress well and end up dressing like a clown....
A strangely this new guy start posting in the exact two threads that GC have created and start pushing the same two makers GC was just a client of but now do trunk shows together. GC even appear in a picture with him and Pirozzi, clearly, but they want to pass him for someone else.. It is a shame as they clearly do need this sort of spam... I had dismissed this shirtmaker just on this basis, but then I heard someone I personally know consider him good, not better then...
You could have refer to these wide available Scholte for the DoW examples:
Thanks, I have carefully selected that fabric, as I love the depth of colour (to be fair of many of the blues in the H Lesser books). It is n.30976 from the 11/12 oz book. The grey is a sharkskin n.30708 from the 9.5-10.5 oz Super 120 plus cashmere book
The perfect basic suiting: And on the foreground the perfect basic jacketing: I hope all to be soon funded
I think is simply a version of a military shirt e/o safari shirt, possibly in chambray/washed up denim.
I am 6 feet tall, 36 inch waist and get French pleats (forward) and cuffs. My trousermaker ask for 160cm of regular width fabric and 170cm if patterned. My tailor, for suit, will squeeze it in with 3.3m for a 2 piece suit.
I think if for loafer we mean version of Albert slippers models rather then loosely similar type, then Albert slippers/shoes have been part of the black tie option for quite some time as I have seen examples by both Lobbs St James (vintage catalogues) and C&J. The round toe box, is pretty much a slightly elongated version of the classic Opera Pumps. the Ferragamo version is pretty much in line, but others version seems too fashion forward to be seen as classic good...
Mine was quite expensive as it was a virtual full movement rebuild, new crystal etc... I did it because it was my dad's ( I also had a Breitling and a Philip Watch of his fully restored as new). The prices are advertised on their global website in CHF.
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