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in general an overcoat would cost in the same region as a two piece suit CMT (excluding fabric)
The suede was meant to blend with the grey morning trousers (check the picture of my great grandfather and his friends/family shoes shot on my blog)
My view on Adelaides is that They work better with toe cap with or without medallion. An oxford that work well with a medallion and no cap is one like these C&J Rosemoor:
you may have read some more misinformation unless you are referring to something with Vicuna or a one piece of special fabric.... Last time I was t Smith Woollen in London they were packing a common £70 per meter (at retail, wholesale probably £40) fabric addressed to Brioni... Some of the stuff Kiton gets from Moxon is alleged to cost upwards of £100 per meter (superfine 180 wool bought at auction and in limited quantities), but these makes rare pieces not the widely...
I would take them Foo, these look nice. If you also want to order the same shoe in another leather (black with grey suede upper back???) then you can try the wholecut design.
As for my posts on another thread I am indeed exploring the options to have my personalised/bespoke last made starting from a 3d scan of my feet. I am considering 4 lastmakers, 2 in UK and 2 in Italy. 3 of them will used CAD software to create the last, and all have te capacity to take into consideration other factors such as "socks allowance" and other volumes that can be accurately placed in the right places, more then it could be done by hand. So, at least in theory,...
Thanks. It would also be interesting to know if they are/were known by a different name on your old catalogues/ records.
They now all call them with different names... G&G D'Annunzio: Bestetti Gladiator: Jefferey West add the word "Cricket" to each of their model built like that: And this was a C&J Cricket Spectator: A BB reproduction of the original Cricket Boot
FS, Have you posted and/or do you have any antique example of what I believe are called "cricket" oxford shoes, also known in US at one time as Ball Strap Oxfords, either in the spectator combination or one leather type. Apparently these were derived from the soft suede cricket boot where the tarsal straps served as reinforcement for that stress area. I would like to see old British versions and understand if they had any brouguing or not. Thanks,
I am based in the UK and originally from Naples where I return at least 4 times a year, so shipping issues where never my concern. I was interested in the scope of MTO with last modification vs making a brand new bespoke last. Other then adding the insteap volume to the last, the leather pieces of the vamp and if applicable the lace area, will need to be cut differently as I understand. I was concerned with the results posted by J I, which he addressed, and my consequent...
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