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Hirsh, you really do not know what you are talking about.... Most of what she offers is Carlo Riva, and Carlo Riva is 180/2... G&R and DJ Anderson offers shirting on the 200+ but also have a smaller offering at those counts and will be a minimal part of what she offers.Sarto di Napoli, if you are a student of shirtmaking and sartoria in Naples, would be better to approach her directly rather then going through a foreign customer. Just call her, make an appointment and go...
My Large size slim fit are exactly that, with the shoulder seams falling just at the right points
seconded! Great quality and go well under a jacket.
Had to create some space on my hanging closet so I folded some shirts today:
(4 October 1999) - Corriere della Sera THE SAMPLES ON DISPLAY AT THE GRAND HOTEL ET DE MILAN: COMPARING NEAPOLITAN AND GENOVESE SCHOOLS Marinella and Finollo, the duel between the masters of the tie The samples on display at the Grand Hotel et de Milan: comparing Neapolitan and Genoese schools, Marinella and Finollo, the duel between the masters of the tie scene, for those who want to imagine, is apparently the same as any remnants stand: a crowd that throng, hands...
I personally know the H&S manager for the international market and she told me more then once that is cheaper to buy from the tailors as they have prices not accessible a to anyone else. In Naples Argenio is one of only few shops that sell H&S directly to the public
so all your other shirts last much less then a couple of years? (That is the experience you have earlier stated to have had with AM. I am not sure if you want to just brag about spending so much money on shirts or there is something else behind your posts.Without going back to the huge debate around handmade, but HellsMascot you are also wrong that hand stitching is not durable. There are various type or technique of hand stitching and some will last as long as the fabric...
Dunkelman & Son Limited= Dasco
With regards to Finollo history, I have found an interesting publication of a 1940 italian official gazette (where court sentences have to be published). In November 1940, due to the status of war between Italy vs France & Great Britain, the Italian Government would confiscate any outstanding sum due to Finollo's foreign fabric suppliers listed as : Holiday & Brown - London Welch Margeston - London Delame Lelievre Fils - Paris
Some evidence that Finollo had a reputation well established before the igent era, here is an article from the TIME magazine-2001: http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,166682,00.html A Side Trip To Portofino By Gregory Burke/Portofino Sunday, July 08, 2001 ... The Genovesi are considered among the most elegant of Italians. While shirts at Finollo, a small store on Via Roma downtown, cost a whopping $315, the handmade silk ties are a good deal at...
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