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Thanks, I was wondering about that too.
thanks, my fascination with it is due to the perception, in my eyes, that it could be more likely to achieve a "build on my foot" result taking into consideration the real volume distribution of my feet, vs an hand made last that is sculptured by hand based on few measurements and observation...
Sorry to resurrect this thread and specifically your post, but was wondering what you thought about a weight in (standing) 3d foot scan which also include pressure point data from sensors under the base of the foot.After having done such a scan by this company http://www.styleforum.net/t/370412/left-shoe-company#post_6873518 I am wondering if this data could be used to create a bespoke last.Edit: some extra info on the scanner:...
. Thanks good to know
Campanile had a similar recent history as the infamous Borrelli. Company went burst due to accounting / financial mingling then there was some sort of management buy out and the new production I have seen in person is not the same has the one I always bought until 2003 circa. I used to buy directly at their factory shop and it was a great deal. When I got my last pair resoles at Kokos in London few years ago they commented on how good they were built, unfortunately they...
Very nice. So on the completely made by machine model you still get the "giromanica" felled by hand? I wanted to order a sort of safari shirts, short sleeves, for my next holidays, and was thinking to order them fully machine made.
I popped in this past Saturday on my way to Jermyn Street, after being intrigued by an oxford galoshes in the window where the upper was made up of Loro Piana flannel. I was asking few questions and the knowledgeable guy asked me if I had few minutes so I could get my feet scanned. As I mentioned before, I always knew I had somehow regular size 9 with regards to the vamp/throat area with a narrow heel and very high insteps. This means that virtually all oxfords shoes...
Formal trousers (morning attire or black/white ties) are actually more traditional done with double pleats as this best suit the high rise these type trousers should have
RRP is around €70. February sales are coming up and you will find some places that will advertise in the windows something on the lines "Riva shirt cut (it will be 3m) for €90" or something in that region. Mostly it will not include solids poplins, but it has happen that some fabric shops have put on sale the whole range. Buonanno used to have 4 branches around the city, but as I understand he had to close two last year, so business is not great and sales may be deeper.
That would be weird... Riva is a stronger brand, so even if they re-merged you would keep the stronger brand going. May be worth visiting Cilento on Via Medina. They are the main Riva buyers in the city and have a very good selection too, but price wise not very competitive
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