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Gianni,This goes completely against what this thread is about and what in any case black tie principles are, a subtle uniform that is elegant and understated. No room for such or any patterns on accessories. More appropriate to this thread would be black and midnight blue bow tie and cummerbund in silk satin or grosgrain, and maybe in velvet.Thanks
Finollo is in Genova
I think it would be good. You could start the thread now to talk about the ordering process, fitting, fabric choice, details chosen etc...what about some pictures of your current AM shirts?
They are amongst the most expensive, this does not make them the best shirt from my point of view. Anna's fit on a lot of customers I have seen can be arguably called the best. Why do you not start a new thread with a full review on Finollo with pictures of shirts and fit on you?
instead of Finollo why not try a maker that can give you a better price to quality ratio? doing so will allow you to buy at least 4 shirts at the time instead of two....
we have agree to disagree... black tie as a whole can be considered a "silly-looking holdover from the past", but in this Classic Forum I think we have an opportunity of re-enforcing the standards and at the very least making sure forum members seeking advice do not make the same mistakes as the general population. Mentioning what the RTW industry put on the shelves (e.g. having one pattern for all suits) or a fictional character interpreted over time in different way by...
Always wear a waist covering with your dinner suit. It looks better especially if your trousers are a modern lower rise.
Suspenders and Cummerbund are not in the same category: the first are needed to keep your trousers up (instead of a belt) and ideally should not be in sight, the second is a waist covering and an alternative to a waistcoat. I would wear suspenders in any case with either a cummerbund or waistcoat.
These are reinforced "bridge" stitch that help reinforced those seams, the same you get near the side pockets even in RTW trousers (albeit these are "bridge" hand ebroider) and on the pleats they also help keep it down as the pleats are not fixed into the waistband due to the hip/watch pockets.
This is a nice effort a shirt with less studs and with opera pumps, this would be perfect. In any case with his date none will notice his get up at all (I believe they were on their way to attend the White Tie and Tiara charity ball by Elton John).
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