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Collected today in Naples. I was worried as they looked slimmer then my RTW ... But the volume is in the right place, over the instep. I never had an Oxford fitting so comfortably from the very first wear, and I know now what the "hugging the heel" with comfort means
I do but I am not allowed to published them online as when you book the appointment they make you sign a legal binding document...Is this one:http://www.vam.ac.uk/users/node/3508It has the same slanted under arm dart I have observed in person on this other one (I know it is a DB but virtually same construction in the shoulders as well):http://tweedlandthegentlemansclub.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/today-at-kerry-taylor-auctions-duke-of.htmlEdit: as far as I know Fosters were the...
Hi Carpu,I did not mean "cartamodello", but reverse engineer, so starting with a finished jacket and creating a model. Any tailor would be able to do that. During fitting they would be able to make it fit.It is clear for what I have seen at the V&A with a jacket made from a london/Bahamas outfitter that also offer custom tailoring, and I doubt it very much they had a Scholte cutter
Hi Carpu, I understand the theories but I have seen in person the Greeen Tartan Dinner Suit (Lord of Isles) when it last went to auction in London (made and attributed to Scholte) and also a Tweed Suit at the V&A museum, cut by tailors in the Bahamas but with the exactly the same pattern as Scholte. The Pieces of the NYC museum are also clearly labelled Harris inside the Jackets (not only the trousers) but cut to an exact copy of Scholte patterns. Harris had already been...
Just for the record, some of the suits/jackets above from his late years were made by Harris NY , copying the DoW existing jackets Scholte had made. Also, the young Prince garments may have not been made by Scholte
Drapers gets things made by Barbera as well. Caccioppoli from Guabello and other Marzotto's mills as well VBC and LP
Should sack the tailor/designer/stylist that put together this morning coat with silk facing to be used as evening tails...
As per my message above, the term I know is swan neck oxfords, in this case captoe
My two cents: if the groom and groomsmen are in full dress uniform, I would think it is formal enough for a full suit, not even linen.
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