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I think the OP @wurger has posted several punched cup toe in this thread.I actually felt the diamond punched captoe was more elegant that the more common 5 round holes option.
Another cross post, pretty proud about this project gone well:
My understanding from Italian reading, is that he actually has a stronger background in industrial pattern drafting and cutting, so developing RTW patterns in different sizes, rather than bespoke Sartoria.
I was in Naples last week and ordered a pair of bespoke chinos in a Brisbane Moss cotton drill cut I had for a while, forward double pleats, 5 cm waistband with double buttons, side tabs and no belt loops, one back pocket, and 4.5 cm turn up cuffs. I will take other pictures later, but these came out really great:
I have finally collected these today, a pair of true Balmoral Oxfords with diamond punch captoe in Freudenberg (Weinheimer) boxcalf by Antonio Esposito on my bespoke last by Steven Lowe of Crispinians Ltd
I am having this made up to replace an old pair, balmoral shoes (not just what we call Oxford in Europe, but proper balmoral with the vamp extending all the way to the back. I am hoping to pick them up next weekend yo be worn with s morning suit at Royal Ascot
Thanks Aristoi, the lasts are by Steven Lowe (ex JLSJ) @ Cispinians Ltd
And the second pairs, plain captoe Oxford, about to be lasted
I am planning to post the finished shoes here, so in the main time a preview of my near future entry:
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