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Worth clarifying that the Vienna Philharmonic has been playing many matinee in full morning attire and evening performances in full white tie, so it looks like they either designed this hybrid as one form of dress, or more likely , this will be used for matinee performances...
You lost me at silk shirt and hopefully you only meant silk facing DJ and silk braided trousers... you may have forgotten the silk underwear ... actually a very appropriate alternative for evening shirts was the combo of voile cotton and linen bib, cuff and collar.In any case, yours looks like a very personal point of view that was originally presented as common rules. Fine cotton evening shirts and fine black over the calf socks can be seen as equally essential elements...
The point is that silk socks are not as necessary as a Cummerbund, not that socks are not necessary at all.Personally I use black fil d'ecosse over the calf socks by Gallo, which I believe to be more then appropriate.
Three generations of men of the British Royal Family in white tie and breeches
With regards to a recent discussion in another thread, member @WeakMonday had a three piece made (from his post somewhere else on the forum and the net): [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the repost, yes Volpe and some other uses one of the top waistcoat makers in Naples, again from the Schiraldi school.Member @WeakMonday had a three pieces suit (DB vest) made by Volpe and I believe member @yasu10s is having one madeI will post the reference to the WeakMonday posts which I have saved in the thread you linked
Does Poole do the extended front dart, now mostly only employed by Neapolitan tailors??? I can see it in the first two pictures.
It used to be the norm that all DB also had a vest. I have seen many of the DoW DB suits, both for evening wear and day wear, and most had a matching vest, as did my Grandfather as well.Today people suggest to have a DB dinner jacket so not to wear a vest...
Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies at his formal investiture as Duke of Calabria, another examples where white tie, as the utmost example of formalwear, is appropriate for a a morning event (given by the two other attendees in Morning suits)
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