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I just thought he was a troll. Any knowledge of the "designer" movement would tell you that it is a pretty new movement (just google the brands you are thinking about...- and do not get confused if Zegna already existed, it was just a mill). In any case, the video refers to ministerial controlled company in charge of producing those uniforms. It was nice to see those Necchi sewing machines, that can still be found in some shirtmaking operations.
To each is own, and as you know each skin/beard type take each shaving set up in its own way. ADP is about £37 RRP in UK, and aside of the scent (which I do not care for as I use the colonias anyway) it is greatly overpriced. The original P.160 is on a league of his own, but sadly they decided to stop producing it.
I think it is a general plea to proper dress watches rather then the huge ones seen today, comparing it with a poorly fitting tux. I am going to a business meeting and I am wearing one such a watch (lemania 1863 mov)
It looks like Jean Paul Gaultier's sailor pants version at least would stay up when taking a p... as it has a separate waistband
Cross posted from my blog: I have just photographed this today whilst visiting Gianni Volpe at his Sartoria for a first basted fitting on my two new suits: Midnight blue DB dinner jacket (part of a suit) with grosgrain lapels, being made ready for a client fitting
Hi Marco,Did you ordered shirts from D'avino or other maker? I don't understand if you don't like D'avino (because I wrote about him) but you still order shirts from him ????What maker produces, in your opinion, a good "fitted" shirt, maybe I can write a review about them next time I am in Napoli?I visited different tailors while I was in Napoli and will post in the future as I haven't took any pictures at the other ateliers.Because I have posted in the two threads...
T4, do not use terrone as a term for badly dressed people as it is a discriminatory and racist word used to address Southern Italians, well dressed or not. You probably wanted to use Cafone or Tamarro, which is used to refer to people that try to show off for an occasion but those not have the knowledge to dress well and end up dressing like a clown....
A strangely this new guy start posting in the exact two threads that GC have created and start pushing the same two makers GC was just a client of but now do trunk shows together. GC even appear in a picture with him and Pirozzi, clearly, but they want to pass him for someone else.. It is a shame as they clearly do need this sort of spam... I had dismissed this shirtmaker just on this basis, but then I heard someone I personally know consider him good, not better then...
You could have refer to these wide available Scholte for the DoW examples:
Thanks, I have carefully selected that fabric, as I love the depth of colour (to be fair of many of the blues in the H Lesser books). It is n.30976 from the 11/12 oz book. The grey is a sharkskin n.30708 from the 9.5-10.5 oz Super 120 plus cashmere book
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