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Some shirtmakers use embroidery threads (silk or cotton) which is actually ticker then the one used for the long seams. Coats and Guttermann are amongst the best threads used by shirtmakers in Italy
Massive selection http://www.camiceriapiccolo.com
Sales started the 2nd of July in Naples. Today at piccolo I was tempted by a custom washed down chambray and an Atelier Romentino stripes (for a pinned club collar idea I have)
Summer order in: Linen & Chambray. Bespoke by Vittoria Fluido
Yasu what a lovely DB dinner suit. Thanks mainly to you and another friend from this forum that made me look into DB from Gianni Volpe I may be ordering my first DB suit next autumn (flannel chalkstripe) ...
interesting inlustration of 1940 and 1950 ties http://www.amazon.com/Fit-Be-Tied-Vintage-Recollectibles/dp/0896597563%3FSubscriptionId%3DAKIAIAA4MWUJXHBYFRNQ%26tag%3Dsquid1320208-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3D0896597563
made it this year as well, noticed an overall improvement, but still loads of poor shoes
IMHO and historically, dove grey is the more appropriate colour for the groom. Buff, baby blue and other colours were and are usually worn by the wedding guests or by all attendees in other occasions such as racing etc. (in a morning attire context).
Simply addressing your easy trigger "everyone" is a scam/fraud .Orazio was your best mate and chosen tailor. Now is a fraud....
I believe it was early in this thread or in the PC AV thread where someone exposed how Orazio Luciano has been also accused by sarto of Fraudulent behaviours and how Orazio do not even want to hear the name of the guy again. Having been pestered first hand by emails and PM from Sarto (in his previous incarnations) accusing everyone of similar fraudulent behaviours against him, I am an easier believer
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