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Thanks for the feedback on your direct experience. Did they make for you their famous "reverse" collar? It is basically made so that the edges of the collar puff up on the facing sides.Also, who are/were your comparable in Naples?
I think you meant Satriano 5.In any case, actually the biggest difference with France and England, is that Italian bespoke shirtmakers have virtually no minimum orders. I said virtually, as it is unheard of but maybe someone will find an exception to this.On a separate note from the above quote, I can second to what Unbel said about Naples and I can personally confirm about Luciano Lombardi as he is my main shirtmaker.In Rome you may also want to investigate the Sabatini...
Hi Aristoi,Thanks.Re. Waistband : I do not think is traditional at all. I just wanted to try this configuration for these specific trousers. I will use them this summer, without a jacket, so wanted to add some visual interest to them.I may however opt for future wool and/or suit trousers cut the same way.With regards to cloth, yes he has direct access to a wide range of cloths, and has an account with Harrisons of Edinburgh but only has selected books on site as he sell...
Royal Ascot 2016
Courious to understand what makes you think that these are simply Tom Ford's rebranded shoes?Max Verre is an Italian designer that gets shoes made in a factory near Naples, not owned by him.Tom Ford is a US designer/Brand that also have shoes made in a number of Italian factories, not owned by them.Ferragamo has had a similar model out for some years.Even if the same factory was making Ford shoes (under Ford design specs), they would not be allowed to make exactly the same...
This is an extreme example, better ones are a tad less prounanced and have rounder point: Whilst the below is a very soft version : Ideal
As GBR posted at the same time, I do agree that a black silk top hat look better but the black wool felt version you can easily find today, looks really bad so I would rather do the grey rabbit fur version, which is easly acceptable in the rest of Europe (we are not talking of UK standard only here). Some fur melusine can look good, but some are poorly done and too fluffy
Hi, I suggest you also read has other threads within this forum include the wedding attire thread, the state of morning attire thread, and the word wedding ties within the this thread. 1-The only real option for morning coat should be black colour or at the very least, Oxford grey, which is an almost black grey. In grey you have the option to wear a full morning suit (coat, trousers and waistcoat in the same cloth). 2- I would consider looking at eBay for a vintage...
I think the OP @wurger has posted several punched cup toe in this thread.I actually felt the diamond punched captoe was more elegant that the more common 5 round holes option.
Another cross post, pretty proud about this project gone well:
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