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Does Poole do the extended front dart, now mostly only employed by Neapolitan tailors??? I can see it in the first two pictures.
It used to be the norm that all DB also had a vest. I have seen many of the DoW DB suits, both for evening wear and day wear, and most had a matching vest, as did my Grandfather as well.Today people suggest to have a DB dinner jacket so not to wear a vest...
Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies at his formal investiture as Duke of Calabria, another examples where white tie, as the utmost example of formalwear, is appropriate for a a morning event (given by the two other attendees in Morning suits)
I mentioned this before, but for example in Italy is quite common to have wedding suit in Oxford grey (almost black) with pinstripes around 0.5 -1 cm apart, and this would not ever be seen as work suits (would not wear that colour and/or so narrow pinstripes pattern at work).
Cross post from the bespoke thread:
Just collected my last bespoke order, a pair of black captoe Oxford in weinheimer box Calf, London west end made lasts, modified toe shape and shoemaking in Naples.
My bespoke pairs, almost finished...
Have you tried asking them to send you some small cutting of what they have available ?
I have not had to contacted them but I know that the daughter that was more involved with email has been on Maternity leave. Have you tried their Instagram account?
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