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thanks, will hopefully not need to travel with makers that much, but it gives you confidence to own your own last and have the ability to change if it needs be. Also the benefit of having a bespoke last made by a reputable lastmaker and then using even RTW factory willing to take a fe extra order and do small modification to cut patterns.
Quick update: I have just ordered my bespoke lasts today, and have to thank@bengal-stripe for the invaluable help. I have ended up going with a very traditional lastmaker, formely employed by a famous St James shoemaker and currently still working with some west end companies. I will further update this thread when the last is completed. After reading this and similar thread, getting BS feedback and most importantly meeting the lastmaker to discuss how the last would be...
Mine have a much softer shaping as are a bit fuller to accommodate my sporty legs. The shape is still there, after few years of wearing.I have checked also my cotton Chinos and Corduroy, and although the "S" curvature has further softened up, it is still there (not straight), although I am using an ECO dry cleaner using a wet dry cleaning system that has caused the fabric to visibly shrink.
Thanks dieworkwear. No need to repeat myself, but the argument is that he still charges 1/3 in Naples himself... In any case, all my bespoke trousers have that shaping, "la forma S" they called it in the Mola/Cerrato family. For me, what I like most in my pants is the way the hug my hips/shaped around the back: I am wearing suit/classic trousers but I feel as comfortable as I would be wearing lounge pants/trousers. IMO the benefit is in working directly with the...
almost surely Solito does not make the trousers in house, but tailors do have an influence on how the trousers are cut/tapered.
Yes, but the Longines "esclusive" movements are still developed and made by the same ETA developers. The Breguet/ BP movements are developed and made by a different group (what is left of Lemania).I like many Longines watches and I also get watches based on movements
They had no choice if they still wanted premium movements. Although some did not start from scratch (e.g. TAG buying the right to produce and further develop a Seiko movement).Longines is part of the Swatch group, so it still ETA. I believe only Breguets and Blancpain in the Swatch group have their subgroup of watchmakers dedicated to develop esclusive movements, basically what is left of Lemania (I am a big fan of Lemania).
Some nice stuff there
Emanuele Grimaldi co-CEO of Grimaldi Group (Shipping)
Ambrogio Prezioso, current President of the Association of Neapolitan Industrialist:
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