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Cross post from the bespoke thread:
Just collected my last bespoke order, a pair of black captoe Oxford in weinheimer box Calf, London west end made lasts, modified toe shape and shoemaking in Naples.
My bespoke pairs, almost finished...
Have you tried asking them to send you some small cutting of what they have available ?
I have not had to contacted them but I know that the daughter that was more involved with email has been on Maternity leave. Have you tried their Instagram account?
Can't wait for these to be ready. I should collect them in mid October
However I would not classify them in the quintessential dress shoes category
Yes indeed I have bought few times directly from Brisbane Moss, but I am based in England and I always explained that I needed it for CMT. I have both Corduroy and cotton drills from them, and IMO have an unbeatable price/quality ratio. It was a while ago (I still have a lenght to be made up) but prices were around £10 per meter...My only comment would be about colour fastness on the red one, but that may have been the "wet" Eco dry cleaning I used for a while.The below is...
Interesting, I would have thoughts European royalty and international diplomat would have people in their team that follow the continue evolution of etiquette and diplomacy, at both local and international level, like http://www.diplomacy.edu/courses/ProtocolIn Italy for example the subject of "Galateo" or "Bon ton" is still very much an important subject in middle and upper class. Young girl approaching marriage age, were very often given modern version of "Galateo", like...
Re Debrett: Yes, because it is a fairly recent version, and once against describe white tie as evening formal wear, nothing wrong with that. It does not clearly explain the definition of full dress, does it? It does however not describe Black Tie as suitable for wedding ceremony, which is good !!!I do not know how many times I can say and show pictures of this, but white tie is Full Dress and as such appropriate in the most important formal ceremonies around the old world,...
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