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all the ones with a shopfront will. Caccioppoli is such an operation. Other places worth checking out are Argenio, Cilento and Valli
I was wondering why so many "not interested" party have jumped to his defence just giving SA accounts/versions of events, as the truth. Even the statement that he does not make his own trousers as his is busy, and what he wears is not representative of his trousers... Come on ... Since the very first pictures of him have surfaced on the internet he has always worn such cut of trousers. That is his style, the one he likes to wear obviously. This is true of many out workers...
Gross overstatement.... Cerrato e Mola get the bulk of the work from most prestigious sartorias
A good example of balmoral Oxford : Called like this because it looks like a cut off balmoral boot:
Cap toe Oxfords are the most formal shoes aside of being worn with dinner cloths.I see people getting married in South Italy in three pieces all the time, May to September when temperatures can be often 27-30 degree Celsius. The whole suit needs to be of appropriate weight, than the waistcoat should not make a difference.
Purple is not really a wedding colour. In Naples is seen as a grieving/funeral colour for example (the brides would have a fit if female guest turned up with a purple dress).If you must, really, wear a purple accent, I think this is really how far you should go :Source: Turnbull & Asser :...
It will be good so see all finished garments from similar camera angles. Tofani has been used and talked about by member banis in 2011 circa. He had used a lot of neapolitan tailors including The service of NSM, Tofani, the other Pirozzi (not the one talked about above) and Volpe. He also posted pictures of the jackets shoulders for comparison both on here and his Tumblr
what did I say that was not true again?Keeping up the story of shilling? Can you also explain why do you blast this forum on the Asian one and that participate here so to sell ties and fabrics? Who is obsessed with whom again?
110% Spanish . As I said is obsessed with neapolitan tailoring /handmade garments.
@akoustas worth clarifying First: Sarto is not from Naples or Italy. He is Spanish and obsessed with an idealistic neapolitan tailoring take. He has frequented this forum for years under many other nicknames and has been apparently slammed by everybody before finding nice friends at Kiton... He moved there to study shirtmaking apparently and may still be there. He goes on a South Asian style forum bashing off anything he sees here on SF and is obsessed with many worrying...
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