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With regards to a recent discussion in another thread, member @WeakMonday had a three piece made (from his post somewhere else on the forum and the net): [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the repost, yes Volpe and some other uses one of the top waistcoat makers in Naples, again from the Schiraldi school.Member @WeakMonday had a three pieces suit (DB vest) made by Volpe and I believe member @yasu10s is having one madeI will post the reference to the WeakMonday posts which I have saved in the thread you linked
Does Poole do the extended front dart, now mostly only employed by Neapolitan tailors??? I can see it in the first two pictures.
It used to be the norm that all DB also had a vest. I have seen many of the DoW DB suits, both for evening wear and day wear, and most had a matching vest, as did my Grandfather as well.Today people suggest to have a DB dinner jacket so not to wear a vest...
Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies at his formal investiture as Duke of Calabria, another examples where white tie, as the utmost example of formalwear, is appropriate for a a morning event (given by the two other attendees in Morning suits)
I mentioned this before, but for example in Italy is quite common to have wedding suit in Oxford grey (almost black) with pinstripes around 0.5 -1 cm apart, and this would not ever be seen as work suits (would not wear that colour and/or so narrow pinstripes pattern at work).
Cross post from the bespoke thread:
Just collected my last bespoke order, a pair of black captoe Oxford in weinheimer box Calf, London west end made lasts, modified toe shape and shoemaking in Naples.
My bespoke pairs, almost finished...
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