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Looks good, with probably enough of a deeped curve front rather then the modern flat ones.
From my blog, poor quality but for some inspiration, Luis Vinicio (A legendary Brasilian Soccer player that was playing for SSC Napoli when he got married-1957):
Depend how much they need to be shortened, this can be done by takin short of an inch at the shoulder and the same at the bottom, often removing a whole row of buttons, which is a good thing IMO, although this will also depend by the waistcoat pocket placement.
Good plan. Another option would be to buy an RTW DB morning vest from clemont or similar, and get it altered so to match the trouser rise. I have an RTW morning DB vest which is still cut for a pretty high rise (in the short lenght).
I just came across the following letter, written to the Royal Opera House management in 1905, which contained the following passage: (with reference to white tie dress code) ...." I wore the costume imposed on me by the regulations of the house. I fully recognize the advantage of those regulations. Evening dress is cheap, simple, durable, prevents rivalry and extravagance on the part of male leaders of fashion, annihilates class distinctions and gives men who are poor and...
A very good set up, congrats on the find. If you know a good tailor, and only if he is confident he can actually achieve the alteration adjustment, I think it may just need a small adjustment in the front/upper chest/ shoulder area and in the way the sleeve is mounted as it probably was calibrated for the client posture.
Lombardi is considered probably the only true Camiciaio from everyone else in the tailoring sector in Naples. Whilst others have made their name in the RTW sector with hand details, Luciano Lombardi is first and foremost a bespoke shirtmaker and then an outsourcing shirt operations. He has formed many other shirt makers that went on to have a notable career themselves and they still call him "Maestro". Only thing that keep me from using him exclusively is the lead times.
Yes, they buy the insole already cut and turned. I had to explain to him gemming for 10 minutes and then googled a picture on my phone and show it to him for him to say something like, "yeh, I have seen those, but the factory I know use the all leather ones..."
I' LL add my two cents. My bespoke shoemaker, makes shoes by hand at home, mostly in his spare time, as he loves make shoes but also like the security of his day job, a very sought after shoe model/pattern maker for a top factory near Naples that makes shoes for Many top brands, including a well known French luxury group. He has also a vast experience with many other factories around the Campania region, and basically good year machines are not readily available across...
DWFIIPlease note that I was not arguing with you, I just added other details about the guy as I first posted about him and there was a debate about him being just a repair man.I guess the answer I was looking for was the below:And as shoefan said, he does not show pictures of handwelting on his blog, just some lasting and finishing.
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