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With that length, you could cuff them to your mid-thigh and then CUFF THE CUFF back down to your ankles (indigo side facing out) to achieve some sort of amazing triple layered denim effect. Awesome.
Why does the "Better to be judged by twelve than be carried by six..." shirt end with a '...'? It seems like you want that shirt to say something about individualism or something (I think), something that at least deserves a period. Adding a '...' to the end of your slogan makes it look like something you'd find in a middle schooler's AIM profile.
For me, the distaste is less about the jeans and more about horseshoe shaped stitching on guy's asses.
I've ordered from you before and I think your site and inventory is great as are you for taking feedback from the community so well. I'm not sure if this has been addressed already but the biggest issue I have with the website is how when a size of a jean is sold out, it isn't automatically removed from the drop down list and you have to select the size to see if its sold out or not. This can get a little frustrating because I have to go and individually click on every...
Am I the only one that thinks the black chukkas would look just as dope as the greys when seen in real life or pictured at the same angle? After seeing the greys here I think there's a lot to be said about camera angle. Although I must admit they look pretty awesome at that angle too. I'd cop the greys but I don't have any light/grey denim to go with them and with the blacks the indigo stains wouldn't be as big an issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chinook Thats what I thought. I was looking at buying a pair of Nudies this weekend and I noticed that they had that same type of inseam stitching.. I may wait now until I can find selvage. Edit: I see, Average Joes are not selvage. I have the Average Joes in Black selvage, haven't seen an indigo selvage model though :/
Some pieces I wear not because of how they look on me, but because I'm so in love with them I want to keep them near me all day. Aside from that I want to go 19th century London or at least what I picture in my head to be 19th century London. More knitwear with thicker fabrics. I really liked the costume design in "Sweeny Todd" if that's any indication. Of course I'm in LA for school so I'll look retarded wearing wool and whatnot in the middle of summer but fuck it,...
Haha just picked up a mil jacket in M too.
Quote: Originally Posted by SJC83 i have a pair of nudie bootcut ola's 2.5 years old, no wash. Holy shit pictures please
jbrandpeople takes 20% off your order until feb 6th. It's supposed to only work for j brand jeans but it seems to be working for everything
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