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Great whiskey wingtip Repp ! looks like a night for whiskey.    I'm beginning to become addicted. I started off with just the Cigar Indy boot last month, and now have the Whiskey LWB (they came in today from Alden SF)   Also just bought two black shells seconds from shoemart tonight (praying they turn out ok).    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here for all the great posts, and all the great info. I've been chasing the Daytrippers, or any Ravello...
Just came in today! My first pair of Alden shell cordovan. The Cigar Indy boot! I just wanted to share and thank you guys on the forum for posting such great info. These fit great, and look amazing. Wish list: Ravello cap toe boot Whiskey longwings I know I'm looking for unicorns, but if anyone spots them please send me a pm. I hope you all have a nice week.
  Thanks for the heads up I appreciate the info. I'll keep on searching. 
Why does it seem like its impossible to find Alden's captoe boot in either Ravello or Cigar for sale anywhere in a size 9d? Any ideas? Those Unionmade ones that were posted are pretty sweet. Congrats to whoever owns them. 
  Been searching for the same thing as the guy above, but looking for something in a heather gray color. 
Hi I'm Steve from Philadelphia, and 27.  Found this site while researching cordovan boots. It always seems like everything I've found and like is either a limited run that is sold out completely or not in my size haha. This is not just with boots either! Anyways, hope all is well.    Great info here, and look forward to learning more. 
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