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http://www.riderbootshop.com/rider-boot-co-8420811-walnut-shell-cordovan/   This is a steal for someone.    Would love to ask Carmina to do a Kirkwood boot (Ravello Captoe with commando sole). Who knows when Alden will ever do this one again, or if I'll happen to be by my computer before someone on this forum will snatch them up.    I ordered a black wholecut from Carmina a few months ago. It was a very easy transaction. I forgot to order shoe trees when I...
Given its one in the morning EST and I just got home and finished brushing my boots, and am now reading the Alden thread, I think my shell addiction might be worse than anything I can put up my nose.Plus, at least my dealers have great websites with pretty pictures...
Tonight I grabbed some shoe trees, 2 cordovan belts, color 8 lhs, and captoe bluchers ... . Thanks for the heads up. I wish there was more in my size but probably better for my wallet that their wasn't... I even tried calling in earlier in the evening to see if they could just back order some items and the customer service rep told me they had no dates in there system, so they can't do anything for me. I really wanted the color 8 ptb! Thanks again for the tip guys!
Those look great and really do shine... congrats!
Are there any other shops that sell unlined lhs in color 8 beside brooks brothers ? They don't have my size in stock :-( Thanks guys!
Just a psa Unionmade has color 8 Indy boots. http://www.unionmadegoods.com/Alden_Buchanan_Indy_Boot_in_Color_8_Cordovan_40476H_8819.html My last two Alden purchases have been color 8, and the only regret I have is that I didn't order them sooner.
Nice you got your order from NRO? no sign from them yet except for an email saying my order shipped, but they did not provide tracking number.    When did you order? Did they provide you a tracking number? I don't owe any suede aldens, but I really am considering now that I see them. I kinda like the brown color.
Same here about learning NRO's business practices after ordering. I did get an email this morning updating status to awaiting shipment. Anyone else get anything further? Any actual tracking info?
Those look great!
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