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Ahah, thank you. So less is more then. Cool, noted!
Did you like the shag one? In all black?
Ahah, thank you! Very good points!   I guess my other undies were very basics and a tad old...   Thanks a lot for the advice. Much appreciated :)
Thanks! Noted.
Would this be more acceptable? I kind of like the waistband but the rest is conservative.  
   So basically, back to square one. Why do men have to wear super boring clothes... I thought that was a "style" forum... I didn't come here to hear that I need to dress in hanes and fruit of the loom... So freaking boring!
Do all guys have to wear black and white undies, that's it?
Any actual constructive advice on the style I liked please?
It's exactly what I want to avoid. Hanes/fruit of the loom and such. Super boring and old fashion... I'm still young...
Hi there,   I've been told by several girl friends that my underwear were seriously 'gross' looking... So I want to try out new brands. I'm bored with the calvin Klein and all the brands everyone else is wearing, so I really want your advice on comfortable and good looking undies.   So far I narrowed it down to those 3:   - CIN2:       - Bjorn bjorg:     - Garcon Model:       What do you think? Would girls be cool with that? Doesn't look too...
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