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So did they not stop shipping to the US after all?
They're legit. Pretty good customer service too.
Sounds like quite the slam piece.
Did at least learn espadrilles are also called alpargatas.
Isn't pedantry why we're here?
 The quality is definitely slipping, but I'm not so sure it was even good to begin with.
I tend to agree. They do sell fleece, zip-in liners though.
 Probably the wrong thread.
Yes. People don't wear sweaters in June.
I think you might have sold their lambswool short.  I stuck away from the cardigan and V-neck, but the crewneck isn't that bad.  Granted, I've only been wearing mine for a day, but so far it at least seems better than anything J Crew has to offer, which is pretty impressive considering it goes for one third the price of a comparable J Crew sweater.
New Posts  All Forums: