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My wife asks me the same thing.
If you're willing to drop an extra $100 on the warm pile liner, the Bedale or Beaufort can do double duty as a winter coat.
Just picked up a pair of MacAlister boots on sale for $45 (about $100 less than the original price). I've only had them for a week, but I actually think they're better than Clark's desert boots.   They're on sale online with an additional 50% off if anyone's interested.  Might actually buy a second pair.
Coolest Bond ever?
I wouldn't say "gigantic," but it's definitely too big.
I have a classic Bedale and highly recommend the warm pile liner. My inclination is that you'd be better off with a 36 liner, although I could be wrong.
Anyone know the name of the dude with Eugene?
Looks like they might be rethinking the idea.  Reviews aren't loading on my IE or Firefox.
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