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Can anyone that's bought one of the shirts with the band inside tell me if they have a button on the back of the collar?
Similar question: anyone know what the difference is between the three solid-color, slim-fit oxfords Uniqlo's selling right...
Sort of a WTF pant.  More skinny than slim (shockingly skinny actually), which I wasn't expecting since they're from Brooks Brothers, which isn't exactly the hippest place.  Could be a great pant if they redesign it with a proper fit. Luckily, I was able to grab a pair of somewhat slim pants from J Crew for ~$20 this weekend.  If they have them in your size online, you might want to consider grabbing a pair.
Just snagged a couple Brooks Brothers slim-fit chinos for $60 (free shipping and 20% off until midnight). Don't have any experience with them, but the price was too good to pass up. If I don't l like them I can always return them free of charge.
What inflation?
I've been satisfied with the lambswool-blend crewneck I picked up. Granted, I haven't worn it a whole lot. To call it "terrible" is hyperbolic.
Sell it used.
So did they not stop shipping to the US after all?
They're legit. Pretty good customer service too.
Sounds like quite the slam piece.
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