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Isn't pedantry why we're here?
 The quality is definitely slipping, but I'm not so sure it was even good to begin with.
I tend to agree. They do sell fleece, zip-in liners though.
 Probably the wrong thread.
Yes. People don't wear sweaters in June.
I think you might have sold their lambswool short.  I stuck away from the cardigan and V-neck, but the crewneck isn't that bad.  Granted, I've only been wearing mine for a day, but so far it at least seems better than anything J Crew has to offer, which is pretty impressive considering it goes for one third the price of a comparable J Crew sweater.
Why I subscribed to this thread.
Countryattire.com offering 20% off outerwear and free shipping.
Can someone explain to me the appeal of Uniqlo? I'm trying to figure out why Uniqlo has such a devoted following on SF, when, in my mind, there's not much separating it from Gap.
Thanks for the feedback. Going to pass on that cardigan now.
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