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That's a pretty hyperbolically harsh statement. I snagged one of their lambswool crewneck sweaters a couple years ago, and although it obviously wasn't the finest piece of knitwear I've ever purchased, considering the price, it's quality was rather impressive.
I agree. The small is... too small.
That's one hell of a deal.
The UO ones aren't great, but I definitely prefer them to Grana's. They're more airy than the Grana ones and, for me at least, drape better. Some of them have taken an absolute beating in the wash, but at $12 a shirt, it's not like they were major investments to my wardrobe. They served me well over the summer and work well under button-downs. Anyway, probably not much need to go on discussing t shirts now that fall's here.
I agree. The Grana tees have definitely been overhyped in here. They're alright, but nothing special. If you're looking to pick up a cheap, scoop-neck t-shirt, Urban Outfitters offers a better option.
I wore my Bedale over suits all last winter to the office. It covered all of my suit jackets and was pretty comfortable to boot.
Like g̶r̶a̶n̶a̶  manna from heaven.
You might want to consider giving Brooks Brothers another try. Some people might consider them a little too stodgy, but as far as I'm concerned, they make the best shirts on the market.
That looks like a torii to me. They're associated with Shintoism. Maybe your brother bought you a Japanese model.
God forbid you click the link and find out for yourself.
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