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comparing the gustin bifold wallet to the tanner goods, what are the pros and cons of each?
Are N&F's slim guy similar in fit to APCs NS?
My waist size is around 30 inches
How much would a pair of N&F slim guy broken twill stretch? Currently it is tight to my waist but not to the point it hurts.
I just got a pair of APC New Standard from boxing day yesterday. I ordered them in tag size 28 and they fit a little tight but does not agitate me. I asked one of the employees how much they stretch and she said up to 2inches so I'm wondering if I should size down one or not, thanks
This is my first pair of raw denim and I got a pair of N&F slim guy broken twill. I have pictures of the fit and was wondering how much they would stretch because right now, there is no space for my fingers to fit between the jeans and my waist. Thanks
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