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3 years and 1 day is interesting , makes 1096 days , also the year of the Rhineland massacres leading to the destruction of major towns.[ @ ] username [ / @ ]without spaces
fabrics is all i care about anyway , fit is so passé
@Teger this is the second interview I've really enjoyed , you did a great job here "The world needs more people who appreciate and not just consume" - resounding words that need dissemination far and wide especially in this community I wonder if @gdl203 has considered Herr Frank, being a man of refined tastes who can help many people truly appreciate garments.
Was hoping to impart a sense of of charming pleasure here, as ultimately i'm sure a few others might also be glad, in some ironic sense, for a death blow to the intersection of authenticity-seeking and dark design. it was a pseudo-facade for the "we knew of it first" existentialists.It must shutte up thine eyes from delightfully seeing sin
Maybe not everyone is after blind haphazard consumption (raison d'ĂȘtre of this forum) it's pretty obvious atelier's demise was written in the books as soon as the idea was conceived, just a matter of when. Now the vultures can delightfully ravage it's rotting corpse till the last bit of flesh is consumed
They don't have to be the same necessarily. But they usually end up overlapping a lot, as in this instance with the latest iteration of generic contrarian extraordinare
Nice I saw that before looks great Gracias muchachos, it feels only natural to pair old school Rei with her former lover
received two CDGH+ coats not that recently but i've only now gotten to wear them so in a sense a recent aren't too great but should give some idea1. Grey , very thick wool double breasted coat, raglan shoulders with incredibly deep exterior pockets.Not lined but it's so heavy it doesn't make a difference. The collar can be buttoned shut, and with exaggerated lapel that can be raised , a geometric fortress can be created that rises high enough to completely...
more overalls !* * *BBSSSXIV photos trickling in [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
i have to say that christmas dinner party with him does sound like much entertainment !
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