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Shirt - whatevs Pants - meh Shoes - Bruno Maglis    
I'll be on stage with my daughter at her dance school's performance in a few months. The person organizing the show asked all fathers to wear a black suits. I don't own a black suit and I'm debating whether I should buy some cheap POC that I'll never wear again or spend some money on a quality suit and learn how to wear it. Suggestions?  
I agree with Twotone. Get a pair of Aldens if you're going to spend $500.  
It pisses me off that I wrote "principal" in my statement above when it should have been "principle." Count backwards from 10. Okay, I'm over it.  
Size matters not. It's the principal. Look at all the people who are pissed because cars are backed into parking spaces. This costs $0.  
A parking attendant once tried to charge me $20 when the sign clearly said it was $3. It happened about 15 years ago. I'm still angry.  
My favorite line from Annie Hall: Annie Hall parallel parks the car and Alvy Singer comments, "Don't worry. We can walk to the curb from here."  
I've been searching the wide world interwebs for these things and haven't seen hide nor hair. Any help would be appreciated.
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