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@jimstyles Thank you for the info.  I'll take you up on the offer.
Thanks!  I've shopped at Haymaker's.  Bought some Indy's there.  Great place!  Though, I marked them off my 'suit list' because I didn't think they sold suits and doubt they would have anything close to my price range.  I'll try it though.  Thinking about trying out their barber services next week anyway.
So...   There are either no members here who live in the Nashville area, no decent places in Nashville to get a suit around the $500 mark, or this was a 'noob' question that no one wants to answer.
tl:dr version   I need a basic suit for events, not business wear.   1)  Should I choose grey or navy? 2)  If grey, charcoal or mid-grey? 3)  Where in Nashville can I find a decent suit for around $500.00?     Longer Version   I don't wear a suit often.  My job, youth minister, doesn't require that I do.  However, I do need one on occasion for weddings, funerals, etc.  My "go-to" suit has been a charcoal grey BB suit.  But, recently, it was ruined in a move (in...
Any pics of the Odenwald in the wild?
I got the South Shore a couple of weeks ago.  Had to go a half size down.
Regent Street Thursday.
Yes.  No luck anywhere else.
I'm looking for a pair of boat shoes and came across the Center Fielder at the Destin, FL outlet for $49.  However, none were in my size.    I'd rather not pay over $100 for shoes that will most likely be trashed by the end of summer.  Do any of you own AE boat shoes?  And, if so, would you say they are worth the premium?  As I understand it, all AE boat shoes are made in the DR...
Fit fine in my regular size.  The fit feels similar to my Kenilworth.
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