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Joining in on the fun, sorry for all the pics:           Zam Barrett beanie The Viridi-anne coat MA_Julius cardigan robe-thingy Silent tee Zam Barrett Z-1 pants Acne Griffith painted derbies
 all look same.  It sure is the same one! It's my first Devoa piece, and the fabric and construction are really impressive.Yeah, I think it might just be the combination of the angle of the pic and the shape of the boots.
  Devoa/The Viridi-anne/Zam Barret /Andrew MacDonald
@spacepope : Daaamn, that miharayasuhiro piece is something else. Is wearing two cardigans uncomfortable at all?
 Been a while: Number (n)ine, Ann D, Peir Wu x Snowman, Docs
I've got a pair of suede combats that held up fine in a couple inches of snow.
I'm looking to sell this Undercoverism MA-1 from FW '11 in a size 3. Sadly, it was too big for me. Condition is excellent.   Measurements: S2S: 20.5" P2P: 19.5" Front length: 22"   Asking: $500 USD, shipping not included
:( That's disappointing; not really feeling that jacket though.
Anybody happen to know how warm the Label Under Construction silk tussah cardigan is? 
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