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Hi.     Ann Demuelemeester x2 Yohji Yamamoto Pour homme Docs
 I may have too much time on my hands...
@OccultaVexillum Is this the one? https://issuu.com/unhemmedmagazine/docs/unhemmediii-2 It's on page 87.
^ Sorry, but that looks pretty bad. 
we all know you reached max jaded level a looong time ago. :P
Undercover   RO crust dunks 
whoa, never would have thought I'd see dir en grey mentioned here. they've always been big on visuals, so it makes sense they'd wear that stuff. 
@Slim Charles Your pants are a bit too tapered imo. Free the ankle! 
ah yes, i too worry about my street cred levels when wearing formal office attire.
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