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Hey sorry I dropped the ball on this one; never started a challenge thread before and I've been busy with a move.   Great entries though, last chance to enter today.
Giving this a bump
This week's challenge is outfit/backdrop synergy! Find your city's coolest walls/waterfalls/forests/dilapidated buildings and pair it with an outfit that echoes it in some way. Go wild; travel to Chernobyl for maximum post-apocalyptic points if you want. The contest will last for 2 weeks and end on the Sunday, January 25th.
Hey guys, thanks for letting me choose the next challenge. I really like the idea of the outfit/backdrop synergy, if that's cool with everyone else. 
Joining in on the fun, sorry for all the pics:           Zam Barrett beanie The Viridi-anne coat MA_Julius cardigan robe-thingy Silent tee Zam Barrett Z-1 pants Acne Griffith painted derbies
 all look same.  It sure is the same one! It's my first Devoa piece, and the fabric and construction are really impressive.Yeah, I think it might just be the combination of the angle of the pic and the shape of the boots.
  Devoa/The Viridi-anne/Zam Barret /Andrew MacDonald
@spacepope : Daaamn, that miharayasuhiro piece is something else. Is wearing two cardigans uncomfortable at all?
 Been a while: Number (n)ine, Ann D, Peir Wu x Snowman, Docs
New Posts  All Forums: