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Hot damn, @Chinorlz is a surgeon AND designer? I feel incredibly lazy now.    That Boro jacket is really something. Also, nice subtle touch with stitching your name into the leather bags.  
I like how even @Rais's hair matches his suit.   @flowcharts What's the text on your jacket say? (or is it just engrish?) 
are you inviting me to eat disgusting korean food?          i'm in.
That Bless coat will never not be cool. 
^what is that and where can i get it in my mouth?
more like synth-tease. @zxcvbnm wish your pics were bigger!
Ann D strappy shirt   Rick blistered lamb intarsia
One last fit pic with this jacket before I sell it; hope I don't regret it. Rick Owens GeoIsabel Benenato sweaterSilent teeAnn D cargos and boots   [[SPOILER]]
@spacepope Got a link to those KKA pants? 
  Cardigans feat. messy-as-fuck scarf-tying.   Isabel Benenato cardigan Silent cardigan and scarf Lost & Found gloved top Acne jeans Ann Demuelemeester shoes
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