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You guys talking about the stacking chart? (I saved it as a good reference)  
@Parker : That's from JohnUndercover SS16: http://www.thirdlooks.com/2015/08/johnundercover-ss16-lookbook/
@spacepope Great to see it fits! 
@nicelynice: Guyi Consignment's legit; I've bought from them twice. Funny you say that about the site design because I noticed they redesigned it recently. Anyway, the email I contacted them with was info@guyiconsignment.com.
Colin Firth, is that you?
Sup guys, been a while.     Guerrilla Group grid pocket tee Guerrilla Group hanger necklace Guerrilla Group paratrooper pants Ann Demuelemeester backlace boots
Anybody know where to get a grid tee like this?  
@creepinatshirt: Would like that better with pants that didn't stack.
Hitting your stride, @VitaTimH 
  Viridi-anne x2 Ann D Docs
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