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men 22 y.o with white shoes or black shoes?
happy new year hermes
hai everyone, just need your suggestion if I use this hoodie http://static.shop033.com/resources/5C/4700/picture/C0/56239296.jpg is that match with my indigo denim and white boots? thanks a lot 
anyone know, is white gildan tee(cotton 2000) is have a good quality cotton?  http://gildanonline.com/store/index.php/all-mens/t-shirts/mens-tag-free-crew-t-shirt-431.html i try to follow becks fashion, he use soft white tshirt but his tee can hide his nipple 
http://www.zigazig-ha.com/zgallery/albums/beckhams/110907_gasstation/02.jpg what tee he is wearing?
what white tshirt brand is david beckham use ?
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