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I've bought several item's listed as 1 remaining. Had to proxy a big ticket out of the UK then found the French sale had one, the others never showed back in stock. At least the UK and Euro sites show "Item located in stock" after ordering where as the US never does. I'm curious if that's always true or not. Having to wait a few days only to find out you're not getting something and missing out on a 2nd pick is not fun. 
Much appreciated oynag, I've been regretting not picking up the zip sweater earlier.
Took 40% off mine just now, had to double check after i ordered.
The French sale finally went live yesterday. None of the nice pieces I'm after went up. Today more items listed and I picked up the quilted lounge pants and the camp blanket shirt. 
Incoming this week, from the UK sale.  
Thanks for the heads up, ordered my first pair of Alden's. Bristol's in E width.
College. haha
As a recent resident of a country serviced by the French RRL it's quite frustrating to see the UK and German site's full of item's on sale I'd jump on if only they were on sale at the same time. I don't have any history if that's been the case in the past but talk about missing out on sales. I do see they pull from the same inventory as UK and Germany.  Maybe Germany will pick up RRL for Europe but that seems backwards splitting off one brand territory.  
That black cowhide vest is prime. I'm working on snagging one myself.
You can try the UK site, it's going on now.
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