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Brown oil tan is such an overlooked leather. I have brown dress and wife has brown oil tan. Kinda wish i had the oil tan.
For me, only on the toes caused by abrasion. The leather isn't dyed thru.
I own Wesco engineer's and the Morrison. I'd only wear them for walking all day if i didn't have my SD or Alden's in rotation tho the Morrison's are better than the engineer's for some reason. No experience with other brands. 
OK I'll bite since i have a new pair of Natty Brixton's waiting for me in the States.Reno? and how old? Gorgeous............ 
 How did you go size wise? Welcome, looking good.
Curious about the lifestyle line but the MP commando boot sounds delish.Real soon you say...looking forward to seeing them.
^^^One down from Barrie? I wouldn't go there until i had a pair to try first. 
I look forward to seeing your 300's and your sizing impressions andy b.. I'm going to throw down on a pair of sprung toe in Black Water Buffalo too once it get's closer to my visit back to the States in May. 
Those are built on the 461 Last so they're 300's.
Nice I got mine several days ago and wore it last night.
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