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I find it interesting how some brands (e.g. E. Tautz, Sergio, Rossi) from thecorner SS13 sale showed up on yoox at exactly the same price. I know both websites are run by the same company, but normally the items from thecorner moved to Yoox following year Sergio Rossi shoes at 232 Euros at Yoox same price on thecorner E....
I ordered online my 3rd pair of Carminas. Not bad the price (£135 without VAT) at Matches for this pair of brogues on the Forest last. Other models available also on discount.
It's a personal code linked to the respective Yoox login.
I also got this week the superstar status and the 20% code one day after my last order. I've placed at least two orders per month in the last few years, so I kind of expecting it.
A question for the shoe connaisseurs: will Zonkey Boot online shop have any sales soon? After a quick search on google, it seems there were some reductions in January. I tried a pair of their suede boots last year in Munich and not knowing anything about the brand I could not justify paying 500+ euros for them. They were on a very modern last (sized like Santoni), waxed suede and super comfortable. Since then I've been wanting a pair. I ordered a few weeks ago this derby...
I bought 2 unstructured coats from Mr. Porter and they are really nice. The measurements on Mr. Porter site are accurate, they are pretty slim fit.
I am wearing these today (bought from for the first time. I only have another pair in shell, but these feel so sturdy, leather so tough and make a screechy noise when I walk. I love how they look however and I guess I will suffer a bit for the next dozen of wears.
True, but for a couple of hours this morning the new 15% off code and the 20% sales were both active. I wanted to buy something from my dreambox, but could not find the time.
Finally got an email with the Corner code: WISHWANTSHOP. Gives you 10% off.Received also a few days from yoox the link to the 20% off selection, not so good deals yet.
The Cucinelli prices even at 50% off retail seem astronomical for cashmere, jackets, etc.
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