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Gents,   I wear US 9D in the 341-last Crockett & Jones for Peal & Co 341 shoes, an 8.5E in the Allen Edmonds 5-65 last and 9D in the AE 1-last and EU42 on the Edetal Last. Do you think a UK8 in the Rain last would fit me well?   Thank you.
Gents,   If I size a US9D on the C&J for Peal & Co U-Throat Wingtip (http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-U-Throat-Wingtips/MH00233,default,pd.html), which is on the 341 last, do you think a UK8E in the Lowndes, which is on the 348 last would fit me well?   Thank you.
Has anyone received a discount on shoe bags during the Anniversary sale or for any sale at all?   I need 9 pairs of shoe bags and 4 pairs of boot bags as I will be leaving the country for a couple of months and want to keep my shoes right. Anyone have recommendations on where to purchase them with a bulk discount, if not from AE? Thank you.
Temple of Jawnz Double Rider Black Calf - Size 50/52 for sale or trade for Rider with 17.3-17.7" shoulders
Temple of Jawnz Double Rider Black Calf - Size 50/52   Too large for me, my loss is your gain, I am 5'9" (176cm) and 171lbs (78kg). Chest Approx 39.5" and waist 34". Fit pics attached for your comparison. Second owner, only worn once out of the house since it has come into my possession.   Excellent condition Price: $600 incl. Paypal transaction fee, shipped via USPS Priority or UPS Ground in the continental US, everywhere else at cost. Willing to trade for similar...
I'm in for an austerity brogue, u last, plum or brown museum calf (preferably from the revived ilcea tannery rather than haas)
Gents, Could anyone chime in on why black lamb is considered the house special?
Looking for ION Cardigan in Size M, any color and generally any other F/W piece other than the Stark in Size M. Let me know if you have one for sale!
Gents,   Does anyone recall the comment Charly (or someone else from TOJ) made about how lamb was better suited for Riders of size 48 and above and how calf was better for size 46 and below as the smaller sizes did not provide sufficient structure for the leather to drape well?
Dear Gents,   I need sizing advice for a new black calf MDR I just ordered. I currently own 2 TOJ pieces bought from the B&S forums and will post their respective fit pics and measurements so that you can help me out. I will also include pics of me in a bespoke suit jacket for a more wholesome picture of fit. All measurements other than for the bespoke jacket are directly from Charly or the John Coppidge site.   I know that Riders are a whole different beast when it...
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