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Hey Guys,   What products do you use to care for your calf and cowskin jackets as well as water proof them?   Thanks.
Great makeup, wish it were my size
If these were in UK8...
 Hearing your evaluation has given me a tinge of buyer's remorse. There is made in Italy stamped on the inside of one of the handles. Hopefully mine is not a fake, will post pictures of the construction in the near future for your further review.It seems that AD has made even more of the same in a combination of colors this season. 
   Picked it up, thanks for posting it here! Would have missed it otherwise.
Dear All, if I wear 8.5 UK on the Rui Last comfortably, will the elton last fit me? If so, what size should I take on that last?
 Bump for visibility. There is no leather strap featured in the photos or mentioned in the description on the nomanwalksalone site, hence the question you see.
Does this item, http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/sol-brown-carter-leather-briefcase.html come with the detachable shoulder strap? As per the La Portegna website: http://laportegna.com/products/leather-briefcase-carter   Thank you.
If you set up followed searches on eBay to monitor, you will find new old stock briefcases made with full grain leather condition in like new condition at the $120 - $150 price point from time to time. The first point of failure with these pvc or heavily chemically processed leather bags are the handles, which will start to flake and expose the glue.
New Posts  All Forums: